Noah: The Kaiju Song

A city at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.  Demons and Angels fight over the minds of humanity.  A Song waits to free humanity from it all. A RPG setting of psychic underwater heists and intrigue.


The Dragons Crime Syndicate controls most of the large Moria Weave, using its trade in the deadly drug Kaiju Lotus (or simply The Lotus) to line their pockets.  They also participate in a variety of other criminal enterprises, including prostitution and smuggling illegal goods.  Some of these illegal goods include food or medical supplies blockaded by tariffs or laws Babylon benefits from.


Controlling family of Babylon, the Marus, mainly through their daughters, act and use Babylon to advance their own interests.  Their interests include the long term survival of Noah, as Babylon tech is part of what keeps Noah functioning.  Over the long-term, the Marus strive to bring more and more Demons under control, fearing that they might be the target of a pogrom should Angels attain control of Noah ever again.


Led by the Uriel, the Golden Crown believes all demons to be servants of the devil and all angels to be the chosen of God.  Therefore, their Cult is the only place to be saved from the last seal and be saved at the End of Noah and the End of the World.

Frequently they work to overthrow the re-established Clayborn government and work against the auspices of Babylon.  The Golden Crown also espouses a rigid ascetic lifestyle, often practicing vows of chastity, poverty and vows of bloodletting in their devotion to their cause.  They also work to try and bring Jezebel and her angelic followers back in line, to preserve the image that so many find redeeming amongst the populace.

Locations: Cherubim Heights


The Song is the most recent result of human exposure to Kaiju-Gems.  Theirs is a groupmind, joined together in a psychic bond that allows them all to understand each other's personalities deeply.  Calling it a hivemind would be untrue- the Song permeates all of them, but it doesn't take away their individuality and it doesn't control their behavior- or so each member of the Song claims.

The green-blue slime that covers their brains cause them to be in-tune with each thought and emotions of their fellows.  They know each memory, each secret, each fear, everything is shared.  No member of the Song has no secrets from another member.  And in this perfect honesty, they all share a content euphoria.


The Office of the Prime Minister works constantly to keep the city under its control, keeping city services running despite an ever shrinking budget and the city growing more and more wild with each year.  Deuterium armed weapons remains their best tool, allowing the Prime Minister to arm troops and agents with some forms of proofing against Demons and Angels.  To that end, one of the biggest secrets in Noah is where the Prime Minister keeps the Deuterium Reserves.  And many are convinced that its been dwindling, bit by bit.


The other section is the Remote Kaiju Investigation Lab, managed by Dr. Elixabeth Zanachek.  Supported by former opponent and military rival of Noah, the City of Methuselah, Zanachek and her teams work to study and try to understand more about the Kaiju Gems and their effects on the denizens of Noah.  They often need to hire less reputable help, from time to time, but have developed a tech that helps them to hide from scrutiny.  Their Cloaking Nets keep them from being sensed or seen on any part of the light spectrum, including infrared and ultraviolet.  They still haven't found enough data yet, but Zanachek hopes one day to create a cure for the various psychics of Noah, which everyone outside of Noah call Kaiju.


Jezebel is a disillusioned Angel who has made the previously-thought-too-dangerous-to-be-inhabitable Blue Dome and other wild spots of Noah her own.  Her faction doesn't care for racial bounds, and frequently has demons and angels working together.

Vegetarians and vegans, Jezebel and her own try to help contain and cure the wild Kaiju that infest parts of Noah.  This can trend toward ecoterrorism, as they often feel as though violence is the only solution against the industrial Babylon and unsympathetic Golden Crown.  Jezebel professes strict agnosticism, a fact Uriel has ignored so far.  More worrying, most of this faction also favor the use of drugs like the Lotus, which allow them to sometimes communicate with Kaiju or grant temporary powers to the Clayborn.

Location: The Blue Dome

...more to come...