#InTransitMonsters: A Story of the Hecate Project

#InTransitMonsters.  Humanity's last best hope, could also destroy it.  It all begins with the regretful phrase "Once we were kings..."

The start of a #ScienceFiction story recasting Frankenstein and the stories we tell of monsters as something else.  A dark look at what could be the last days of humanity... A first draft story of war, regrets and troubled choices.

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Dramatis Personae (In Order of Appearance)

Martin: Aging co-Director of the Pygmalion Program.  Tired, Martin is reaching the last of his days- much like humanity around him.

Ghale Putnam: Co-Director of the Pygmalion Program.  Had a falling out with her younger sister Miri a decade before.  Ghale has avoided the Hecate Project, mostly out of fear of having to deal with Miri.

Charlie:  Subject 003 of the first generation of Homo Sapiens Hecate, the end result of the Hecate Project.  The first successful progeny of the Hecate Project.

Whiskey: Subject 023 of the first generation of Homo Sapiens Hecate.  The twentieth and youngest of the first generation.  Charlie's best friend.

Miri Putnam:  Head researcher and admin for the Hecate Project.  Prefers to not use the title of Doctor, despite having a Ph.D in human genomics.

Hecate: Artificial Intelligence created by Project Hecate for designing the genomes of Homo Sapiens Hecate, per the specifications of Miri Putnam.  Often appears as a ancient crone rolling bones.

Nasr al-Muntaqim: Major in the UN forces that have been decimated by repeat theaters with the Enemy.  Doubts Project Hecate can even work.

Davyd Samuels Whyte: CEO of the EpicVentures Corporation.  Quiet and young, only he and his uncle remain as major shareholders of various Corporations.  He has a vested interest in the Hecate Project, although for its success or failure remains uncertain.

Rick Whyte: Davyd's Uncle.  He and Davyd are among the few remaining living shareholders of EpicVentures and many other corporations- with so many dead from the War, he and Davyd have consolidated most Corporate in themselves.  Rick sees this as a opportunity to squeeze even more from the world, to make as much money from the end of humanity as possible.

Foxtrot: Subject 006 of the first generation of Homo Sapiens Hecate.  Redhead.  She and Charlie do not get along; is part of a tight trio of friends with Uniform and Kilo.



Moira/Morgan Hobb: Ghale's spouse.  Livestream Reporter for Stellar Broadcasting Corporation or the SBC.


Transiting, Transit: Method of travel invented thirty years prior, that enabled humans to fold space and move objects through space over vast distances instantly.

Dreamspace: Conscious, induced dreamspace.  A form of simulated environment taking advantage of the human brain's capacity to dream.

Oneiros: A elaborate form of Dreamspace technology.  User can invade and create dreamspaces, along with some supercomputer predictions, of all kinds.