Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Art, March 17th 2017

Another week, another batch of art.

St. Patrick's Day and the like.  Oh.  And Spring.  Spring is here too.  Let's throw art at then.

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A bit of Crux this time.  And a cat.  And some experiments, both flawed and not. 

Well, let's see what I got done.

A cyberwood image of a home.  A decapitated robot head seemed like a good choice.

More color experimentation.  I think the red works.  Watching a bunch of home DIY videos on youtube might've infected my brain too.

For some reason, Harpies got into my head.  Did a bunch of research on them.  LOTS of research.  A deep hole, bird-people is.  Gharudya is a reference to the Garuda, a bird people in Hindu myth.  Took me awhile to narrow down a name, there were a lot of different ones to take ideas from.  I did do another one too... 

The second Harpy.  This took multiple attempts to get down right.

In her hand is a Sirinfetish, the magical items that Gharudya (they don't like being called harpies, btw) create from the souls of evil they collect.  I think they are flutes of a sort.  It fits I think.

No, that's the title of this one.  Almost didn't finish it.  But all darkness fades if you try hard enough.

The city of curses is a recurring setting of mine.  This is very much Crux in two ways: the skullmount in the distance (although it might look more like a black splotch) and a bird wearing a hat.  Very much a 

Because cats were a theme.  Next time I'll show the other cat thing that managed to get into my arts.

A brief experiment with coloring, but not something I'm 100% happy with.