Saturday, March 11, 2017

Art, March 10th 2017

Haven't posted something since mid-February.  Ugh.

Alright.  Rather than bombard this with past weeks of art, here is this past week's load of art.  Last week I did a personal challenge of seven colors in seven days.  This week saw the end of that.  Also, a bunch of robots.  A Lamia.  A motley collection, but my motley collection of art. (ja, a bit of stretch on some of the dates, but whatever.  Gotta share the arts with you.)

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Purple.  A tower, because it felt purple to me.

Violet, the last one.  I kinda don't see why violet has to be considered different from purple or red, but... oh well.  

A bit of an action pose.  I didn't see a reason to color this, as the action in it felt fine without color.  A Cecaelia doing a roundhouse kick was kinda challenge?  I felt like it was.  

Image from my head.  A robot hanging from the ceiling.  The colors snapped very well together.  Very red, maybe an echo of my week of monochromatics.

Got a bit of a robot tear.  A friend like the idea of more robot stuff, but my second foray on it was something junkyard-ish.  Tired, my only comment on posting it was "Everything dies."

Well, that sounds positive, don't it?

I thought about arting an incarnation of stupidity or something weird like that.  But a friend insisted and I did another hanging robot.  Instead of red, I did this one in blue.  And I did a bit of rhyme paraphrasing for it too.  The factory and textured turned out pretty amazing on it.

Ugh.  I don't like how this Lamia piece turned out.   I've been researching them as a subject, but couldn't quite make it look right.  Le sigh.  And is my nature with these, I share my duds as well as my bombs.

Ja.  There are two versions of this one.  I loved my first result, but I think my obsession with the character design kept me from perfecting the composition.  It's up to you to decide which one is better.  I think the bottom one with more purples is the best one.  

I think the lesson is that I need try out more color schema and work colors more.  The time consumption of these colored pieces though, make them feel like they take forever to get done to me.

If you'd enjoyed any of these, consider commissioning a piece from me.   The cost varies from $10 to about $25.  Follow the link for instructions on how.