Friday, February 17, 2017

Art, Week of February 17th 2017

Six.  I present six pieces of artness for you this week, the week of
the Bloody Heart.

Why Bloody Heart?  Well, Valentines Day always makes me think of a Bloody Heart.  Bloody Heart Day came and went.  And the weather picked up a bit, being less snowy and depressing.  So let's see if my art reflected that. 

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More Cyberwood stuff.  And some experimentation too.  Only one piece really felt really good this week to me.  But the experimentation came across kinda neat.

Tall.  Maybe more concept than anything else.  Just wanted to see if the tallness would convey the right idea or not.

Asked a friend for an idea.  Managed to come up with this.  Fish.  A rainbow trout, because I come from the Western US and this is the first idea of "fish" that came to me.  Fish are... well, remarkably easy to get right.

Tired, I decided to just get some doodling.  In my head, the setting of Cyberwood requires some sort of mouth covering to survive.  Maybe I just love headgear or masks.  But I liked the variety I got done here.  And keeping it black and white worked.

Maybe a day late for Valentines day, I decided on Primroses for Bloody Heart day.  The coloring turned out pretty good.  Still, I think I've done flowers better.

This is the one I liked the best this week.  I just was trying to correctly draw Canada angry.  I got there and then some.  I've been fiddling with this character over and over, and I think I've managed to get the colors and look to where I like them.  I don't think "angry" is her default look.  But this caught the image in my head.

Today, well, for the 17th I did this.  A plate of food.  Variety.  It's how one survives.  Or one's imagination anyway.

Ok.  Another week down.  Please share any of the art you like here.  All of my art is under a creative commons, noncommercial sharealike license- that is, you can share it without my direct permission as long as you credit back to me.  And not make money off it.