Friday, January 27, 2017

Art, Week of January 27th 2017

Another week of art down.

Long week for me.  But this week had some variety.  Between the cold weather and working seven days in a row, I still managed to get seven arts down.  A few duds here and there, but I think I managed to get some good ideas out of my skull too.

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 First off, some Shiro work for #Cyberwood.  TBH, this is also a bit of character design too.  The idea of the Shiro is that they are a kind of intelligent fungal life that takes over dead bodies (animal and plant) and fuses them together for their bodies proper.  So "the Canid" took the body of a canine.

I do have a thing for wolves, too.

Got in some coloring experimenting and I think it worked out great for this tiny piece.

 Pose practice, this time a bit of a balance.  Hee hee.

More coloring practice, which seems to be getting better and better with each iteration I try out.  The character is a recurring one, Canada of Roses.  Still working on something bigger with her.

Cyberwood interpretation of Squash.  Well, wild squash.  Wild squash is intriguing, but you don't ever realize that gourds were wild before we tamed them into pumpkins and all that.  Wild Squash looks more like watermelon.  Which seems weird.

Some character design.  Fatigue got in before I could think of proper colors.  And tbh, I still don't like the end product here.  One of those I need to do over another ten or fifteen times to be certain of.  And I went with a baker because baking seems neat.

Not dynamic art.  But kinda kewl in a creating something out of nothing sort of way.

I didn't post this one on deviantArt.  Stuff on dA I try to post the best work I can.  Since I consider this one to be subpar, it didn't get on there.

A political piece.  The themes are self-evident.  Watching the US executive branch open the floodgates for climate change to go unchallenged on a federal level scares me.  That and having clashed with enough of the alt right (read: nazi) this past week online certainly only compacts my stress and anger.  So more art like this is inbound.  That said, I still try to not be super political on this blog.

It's supposed to be fiction and not IRL stuff taking over.  To be an escape and to provide fodder for dreams of better things.

 Ugh.  Another piece I felt didn't go right.  The character on the left never came out quite right before I had to stop.  And because I've been trying to be honest about my art, I still am posting this.  The point isn't perfection.

The point is getting the work done.  I still can't stand half of it.  But in postmortem, I think I got the poses and expressions I wanted right.  Next I think I'll be trying to just do expression work, but IDK.  Sometimes I stumble into really good art just by going over and over again.
Oh and then there is this... well, monster.  I think it's just a bunch of doll arms melted together, but it could also be small children there too.  I'm kewl with any interpretation at this point.  

Make 100: The Monster is a little kickstarter going on right now.  Some folks (read: +Christopher Mennell) tagged me as part of a number of artsy (read: people draw monsters a lot) folk.  The kickstarter has an open call for monster sketches.  It will be illustrated (well, half if my understanding is right) by +Gennifer Bone, whose Monster of the Week stuff always is worth the price of entry.

  I doodled the guy above for the open call with the hashtag #monstersneeded.  You can too!  Skill isn't a barrier here.  Really inspiring, horrible monsters will prolly get somehow into the final product.

Oh, and you can help fund the book too.  It's system neutral awesomeness.  We all need more awesomeness, amirite?