Friday, January 20, 2017

Art, Week of January 20th 2017 (Art)

More #Cyberwood art this week.  And at least one political thing, but still.  I maintained my daily art.

Oh, maybe I missed a day.  I get to have a day off.  I checked, my boss is okay with that.

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Glass Canyons.  An idea for a locale in the Cyberwood.  I haven't written much on the blog about the Cyberwood- I plan to do things with it.  But I'm trying to polish them up more.

Most of the Cyberwood art is, mostly, me working out some ideas.

I'm not happy with this one.  But I don't try to shy away from the pieces I dislike.  I try to be honest about them.  I think it's flawed, but I'm still willing to show that there are things I think I do poorly.

Refining Canada of Roses design, and also wanted to practice some emotive work.  I ended up enjoying the coloring.  The books in particular, they came out neat.

A representation of a grafting power in Cyberwood.  Going into the Cyberwoods' dream and trawling it for data- any data that could be of use.  Like an oracle, yet different.

Neoshade.  A cyberplant equivalent of Nightshade.  Nightshade, especially when it blossoms like this, looks lovely.  I captured them to my satisfaction with this piece.  Aaand my experiments with the glyphs and the background fading worked out too.

I couldn't today.  Things aren't normal.  We can't pretend it is.