Friday, December 2, 2016

Inksketches, Week of December 2nd 2016

Oh.  Hai.  This week I kinda went full hog on Cyberwood stuff.

The cyberwood project still percolates in the back of my head.  I've moved from illustrating established things to trying to feel out the pieces for a larger story.  I have part of an outline for a comic, but I still feel like I have to get other parts of it felt out.  

So, I experiment and pour out some ideas on it in my dailyart.  Full colored pieces every day, it turns out, isn't quite the same as a "sketch."  It helps make my art better, for sure.  But dude, my writing suffers a bit in the face of it.

I do have a collaborator, so a great deal of Cyberwood is a soup of different ideas.  This is really my interpretation of the morass of it.  I imagine this plethora of stuff will bounce around and generate more new ideas for us in developing this thing.

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All right.

Let's see what I did this week for the cyberwood.




Bonus ART

Sunday and Monday's pieces were meant to be a diptych.  So, together they look like...





What did you think?  Enjoying my foray into the Cyberwood?  Let me know what you think.  This project so far has been fun for me.