Sunday, December 11, 2016

Inksketches, December 9th 2016

It is times for the arts!
Ok, so I delayed a bit posting this up.  My hometown has... well, it has had snow, which doesn't happen often enough to be problematic in the past.  

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I missed a day this week.  I feel bad about that, but it was sleep that took it away from me.  So, I'm just going to be happy I got sleep rather than worry about missing an art for a day.

Still working on Cyberwood things too.

Going to try for more nature pics in the next bit.  They are good practice.  And tbh, interesting to art.

This one I feel asleep while arting, so technically it took two days to do.  I think the building isn't my best, but the foreground does make it feel "Cyberwood."

A bonus art?  IDK.  This was me trying to design a house in the Cyberwood.  Idea fodder for later.   

Robins.  Ok...

Something festive, no?

This is an American Robin, which is technically a thrush.  (I don't know how big a difference that is with european Robins, only that European-Americans have a tendency to rename North American animals after European ones, regardless of how related they actually are).  Robins tend to be mythological, symbolic animals all the same.  They have associations with Spring and fire.  Having a red chest will do that.  

As manifestations of spring, it makes sense that they should appear at the apex of winter's darkness.  As the sun the dies, a tiny bird refusing the dark would be one heck of a heroic tale.  But for me, I gave the fella a pipe.  

A fire in the cold.  A bit of pipesmoke in the snow.  Early bird, annoyed he can't get the worm.

Most highways and their asphalt disappeared as the Cyberwood encroached.  Some of the most solid routes remained because of game trails.  But other activity, often intelligent, worked to maintain them.  But sometimes the cyberplants themselves kept them. 

Maybe as traps?  

Maybe as a reminder of something else.  Something they want to remember.  Either sentiment or perhaps something else darker.

Character design.  Kinda okay with how she turned out, prolly should revisit her a few times.

She does not like lettuce.  I don't know why, perhaps cyberlettuce is a jerk.

Malena of Roses was a typical resident of the gardens after the Great Shiro were birthed.   Roses, like other human settlements, was small, yet valued its own traditions.  They identified with the cyber-roses of their home, using it as their sigil as well as their main building material.
Also, some bonus art.  Malena's head sketching.  Gonna try more of these.  Masks are fun.