Friday, November 18, 2016

Inksketches, November 18th 2016

Demons, Cyberwood and other things.  I took this week off work as part of #DesertBusX.  I needed the time off and tbh, Desert Bus is awesome.  So this is my "vacation" art.  
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This was me just riding the demon thing a bit more.  I asked a friend for a subject for something demonic.  Designing seals is one of the funner bits demon stuff lets me do.  I've always liked goetic keys and similar iconography.  They are brilliant abstract pieces of art.

Here is the lines for the piece, which I imagine are just as good as the colored version:

A Desert Bus for Hope submission.  Only one I really felt like doing,  The art challenges are interesting parts of the whole thing.  The target was to present a positive vision of humanity's future.  I think I did, but the winner of the challenge was pretty good too.

"This cyberherb obsesses over human civilization and humanity in general. It is a medicinal herb with some culinary uses. However, autorue also is fairly poisonous in large amounts. Hepatotoxic, it can lead to live failure. Autorue knows this. The cyberplant infests human settlements heavily. It will often fling sprigs of its own flowers into human foods as often as possible.

If one sleeps in the open, there is a risk that autorue will poison the sleeper. Those aware of the danger wear mouth coverings to protect against autorue sprigs being put down their throat. Those unaware often find the claim they must fear the "Rue"ridiculous.

Autorue cannot grow in some colder climes. But most often it can be found around human settlements, and as those numbers decline, so do the number of active autorue to be found around them. The plant seems obsessed with curtailing human numbers."

Something from the ever-growing secret #Cyberwood project.

 Character design.  Someone from a bit of flash fic.  Kinda interesting to see how it turned out.

Oh. I have no idea what this is meant to be. It feels eldritch-ish, but I don't know. Just felt like it had to come out.

As for the phrase "waking mountains"... My best guess on this one. Maybe this is a mountain spirit. Maybe a totem of some kind?

Or just a giant thing? IDK. Just seemed worthy of being my arts.