Monday, November 14, 2016

Inksketches, November 11th 2016

So, I might have had a bit of a hard time last week.  I turned to an old habit to escape a bit.

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From Tuesday thereafter, I spent my mindspace with demons.  Whenever my life has felt very rough, I turn to arting up demons as an escape.  You can guess why Tuesday's image became so dark.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I spent thinking on demons.  I don't believe in the supernatural.  I'm a materialist.

But in the case of demons, I enjoy their fiction.  AND I love them as a metaphor for the worse parts of human nature.  Demons are something we create.  Imagining a thing that can be slain, confronted, that makes some evils easier in my head.  Especially when it's something I can't change on my own.

I don't believe in Demons.  But I can get behind the metaphor.  To help keep me from drowning.  Art and stories have that benefit.  A way for the mind to go without snapping.

Here's this week's art.  Sorry this was late.  Been busy.

Cyberwood.  An attempt at one of the Great Shiro (mountain-sized, sentient fungi that take shape of animals).  Not sure if that comes across.

Deviantart page for this is here.

Cyberwood.  Grafting.  A magic system of sorts in the Cyberwood, wherein humans put cyberplant matter into their bloodstream and gain powers for a time.  Still working on what that means in the fiction of the Cyberwood, but this is an attempt to show how I think one such graft could look.

Deviantart page for this is here.

Cyberwood.  Even the houseplants became weapons after the CMV came.

Deviantart page for this one is here.

This covers my feelings on the election.

Deviantart page is here for it.

Found a neat pic of a Walrus.  Made a demon.

Not much else to tell.  Just trying to manifest my feelings into a demon.

The Gajasura is an elephant-headed demon from Hindi mythology.  Gibborim is one of the plethora of names for the half-angel giants of the bible.  Ja, two weird sources for a name.

I imagine that this demon represents greed and deception somehow.  This is a demon who flees in the face of something small, tiny and truthful.  But it has three mouths, each spewing lies.

It doesn't care who drowns in its filth.  A parasite that poisons all around it.  It has grown and grown.

So big this worm, it seems impossible to stop.  So large its smokestacks make the sky the color of the apocalypse: red.  This is the bringer of the end, a worm whose filth is left to poison the earth.