Friday, October 14, 2016

Inktober, Week Two 2016


Inktober is a challenge where one inks a sketch once a day for every day in October.  This is my third year on it.  I've found it helpful for building up my own habits.  And, tbh, it's why I draw a thing every day now.  It has a collective effect, albeit glacial in its pace, to improve my art.  

I've also decided to do the official prompt list too.  It's a creative challenge.  It helps me to draw if I have a puzzle to undo in the process.  Figuring out what "Lost Undead" or "Hidden Undead" will look like, are challenges I find satisfying to attempt.

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Ok, it's only been a week, but I really wanted to do that.  I haven't been able to post anything on the blog all this week either.  But I did get another week's worth done.

More undead.  Because it's great.  I enjoy drawing them, although I'm not 100% happy with them.  I've included a link to the deviantart page of each of these- if you like one of these and want a print of them, the deviantart page of them will let you order one.

Saturday: Rock Undead.

"The necromancers of Skull mountain employ burnt zombie miners, who easily carry the arcane stones the Necromancers need in their darkest rituals."

Not my best mountains.  But rocks are still hard...

Sunday: Broken.

"A broken throne. A king. A spear. A sword. An axe. Still, he breathes, even centuries long he's been dead."

I like this one.  The undead form of a long forgotten king, just seems sorta neat to me.  And it didn't turn out too bad either.

Monday: Jump(ing) Undead

"She came back, her head in one hand. Three years had passed and she still wanted to go to the dance. Even if he'd left her back there, without her head."

Tuesday: Transport(ing) Undead

"Undead pirates or undead soldiers always come to mind. Yet no one sees the ghostly #bootleggers still bringing in poisoned booze. They still think they are making a quick buck, but are just dead evil men whose own scheme took them long ways back."

Just felt nice to do something involving bootleggers for once.  Like pirates, tons of undead story fodder there I think.

Wednesday: "Worried" Undead

 "An Undead 'worried' about You.  Sometimes obsession doesn't care about what grave it was buried in."

Thursday: Scared Undead

"It fears the torch."

Fire is hard to draw in my style, I think.  It's one of those things I have to put on my list to improve.

Friday: Tree Undead.

"#Monkeys. So many of them. Rotting, dead monkeys. Grinning under the hangman tree. So many of them. Coming after us.