Saturday, October 29, 2016

Inktober, Week of October 28th 2016


Inktober is a challenge where one inks a sketch once a day for every day in October.  This is my third year on it.  I've found it helpful for building up my own habits.  And, tbh, it's why I draw a thing every day now.  It has a collective effect, albeit glacial in its pace, to improve my art. 

I've also decided to do the official prompt list too.  It's a creative challenge.  It helps me to draw if I have a puzzle to undo in the process.  Figuring out what "Lost Undead" or "Hidden Undead" will look like, are challenges I find satisfying to attempt.

On twitter and instagram I post these sorts of images every day.  If you are looking for some place to follow and get these in your feed, check those out.

Three more of these to go after this week.  Here's the last (full) week of Inktober sketches.  All undead.  
I've included deviantart links with these, in case anyone wants to buy prints of these things.

 Little.  So I went with a mouse.  This one got big on Instagram, which surprised me.  The most I've ever gotten on that platform yet, so, I guess it works on some level I can't tell.  But I did enjoy the mouse skeleton.  Very slim. 

"In that tainted place, even the smallest corpse awoke with a hunger death couldn't stop."

Slow made me think of ice.  So, a undead pirate in a slab of ice.

One dozen ended with me just wanting to draw a collection of victorian vampyres in a portrait.  12 different undead designs kinda were fun to play with.

The prompt word was Tired.  I was too.  So I went with a classic composition for Tired.

Box. I'm kinda proud of how I thought outside the box for this one (ha, pun!) 

Cats.  I shouldn't have to explain how they are creepy.

Burn.  Fire already has appeared in this batch of Inktober.  A burning witch seemed like a great thing to try out.