Saturday, October 8, 2016

Inksketches, Week of October 7th 2016

#Inktober has gone well.
My theme this year is undead.  Undead because I haven't done a lot of undead in awhile.  I like them as monsters and a theme.  It's been too long.  And Inktober is the perfect excuse for it.  

Inktober is a challenge where one inks a sketch once a day for every day in October.  This is my third year on it.  I've found it helpful for building up my own habits.  And, tbh, it's why I draw a thing every day now.  It has a collective effect, albeit glacial in its pace, to improve my art.  

I've also decided to do the official prompt list too.  It's a creative challenge.  It helps me to draw, if I have a puzzle to undo in the process.  Figuring out what "Lost Undead" or "Hidden Undead" will look like, are challenges I find satisfying to attempt.

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Fast Undead

What's faster than a undead unicorn?  Hmm?

Noisy Undead

Noisy.  Noisy like a trombone.  Trombones are challenging.  Or for me it was.  Having spent a portion of my youth in band, I'm glad I remember what is a trombone and not something else.

Collect(ing) Undead

Collecting.  Everyone collects something.  Sometimes they stick them in jars.  A few more undead in this one.  My total number of undead will probably not be exactly 31 by the end of the month.

 Hungry Undead

"A Draugr. I hadn't expected this. Not her. I thought she'd sailed with our brothers. Then she came back. Oh, by Odin how she came back. As a Draugr."

Sad Undead

 He didn't want to come back. But they took everything. Even his faithful hound. Through his stitched mouth he cried. A #revenant without a hound.

"Hidden Undead"

 Not all undead rot.

Lost Undead

They lost everything. Even their own names lie in ruins, unknown.