Monday, September 19, 2016

Aether and Geomancy: Sight, Curse and Throne

#Crux post on some Geomancy spells.  This here is the core of what the seven schools of sorcery are like.  Here are three Earthy spells...

Sight of Geomancy

Sobriquets: Tremorsense, Echosight
Cost: 1 Aether
Duration: Until Sunset

Echosight grants the caster the ability to feel the vibrations of the land about them.  Anything touching the land, they can feel.  By focusing, the Geomancer can even pinpoint specific vibrations.  They can distinguish specific individuals around them.  Or they can sense natural phenomena before it happens.  Echosense can even allow a Geomancer to sense earthquakes.  A trained geomancer can sense them before they might happen.  The same is true of rain, storms and other effects that strike upon the land.

Echosight uses vibrations and thus is harder to hide from magically.  Invisibility, for instance, requires the caster to be able to focus on echosight itself.  This means being able to cast the echosight or knowing a similar enough sense to veil against it.

Echosight lasts until sunset.  It cannot detect anything that isn't affecting the ground.  It can predict storms, but only after they've made landfall.  Anything on water or in the air, the spell doesn't see.  Further, some kinds of sediment or material in the ground can interfere with Echosense.  Anything that might interfere or alter the vibrations, can cause it problems.

Curse of Geomancy

Sobriquets: Fertility, Dirtnap
Cost: 1 Aether
Duration: One Scene

The subject, once touched, becomes fertile or enters a state of heightened fertility.  While under the effect of this spell, most feel an overwhelming urge to copulate.  For those with less control, the instincts can push them to rash action.  Responsible geomancers dislike the use of this spell on intelligent or sapient beings.   Meanwhile, Druids find it useful for conservation of rare species and enhancing harvests.

Fertility doesn't cause emotions.  It triggers instinctive urges.  The primeval earthy drive to procreate that all life shares.  It also enhances a subject's fertility.  This gives those who are sterile or thought to be less able or unable to procreate to do so.  Or the possibility of doing so.

The other effect fertility has, is that it combats exhaustion.  It can't seal wounds or mend bones.  But Fertility can allow one affected by it to feel no exhaustion and go on without sleep for a bit.

Throne of Geomancy

Sobriquets: Earthglide, Stonewalk
Cost: 2 Aether
Duration: Until the Caster exhales.

The Geomancer slips into stone or earth or even metal as though it were water.  They can walk or swim through it as though it were water.  But unlike water, it is harder to move through.  The effort is straining.  Earthgliding can let a Geomancer treat walls as though they weren't there.  But it can exhaust them like any external geomancy can.

Further compounding the difficulty of the spell is that it lasts until the one who cast it exhales.  They must hold their breath.  Any exhaling air will cause the spell to jettison them out of the stone or earth or metal they occupy.  Fast.

Often dueling geomancers that have Earthglided will focus on forcing the other to exhale.  While holding them inside the stone.  It's a dangerous maneuver.  But it can be profitable if the suffocation takes.