Friday, September 30, 2016

Inksketches, Week of September 30th 2016

Color.  That has been my going theme this week for Inksketches.  

This ends things for September, but I plan to try to do something a bit more... dead(er) for October.  Inktober always is pleasant for me to get into, and my hope is to carry a single theme for the entire month.  I hope, anyway.

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Airship!  Suggested by a friend.  This was last week's recorded inksketch.  I screwed up the focus a bit.  I squished together the idea of an ironclad, bird, and a ship's prow together for it.  

The result is somewhat boxy.  My friend said he thought it almost looked temple-like.   

First color piece of the week.  I decided to just add a layer of a color to my digital shading.  I like monochromatic art from time to time.  And the idea of doing an elemental spell in a single color scheme appeals to me immensely.  This is some spellcasting, of some aquamancy.  

The thing I aimed to do with the drawing itself, that turned out great, is to capture the feel of water foaming.  I think that it might've come out a little murky.

Orange.  More experiments in coloring.  A quick trick with photoshop, and this one turned out vibrant.

A creek.  The greenness of it sort of worked out ok. 

 Purple times.  Felt good to get this one done, sleep or no sleep.

Just wanted to sketch out some jewelry.  Found the image of something neat looking, and that often is a good excuse to draw it.

Dual colors.  Did this while watching Luke Cage today.  No real aim, just sort of made it up as I went.  A flower on fire.  Why not?