Friday, September 2, 2016

Inksketches, Week of September 2nd 2016

Inksketches and it's September already.  Ok.  Well, time to start the month out right.

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1Not all of them end up great.  A House Griffin or something else I dreamed up late last weekend.  The image of a Raven/House Cat cross for a magical pet sorta got in my head, but I don't think my drawing does it justice.  Of course, these inksketches are practice, so I expect misses now and then.

2From Instagram: "The mightiest confection of the Gods, the Mighty Pie twas baked in the hot stove of Hephaestus, with immortal fruits not seen before the rise of humanity. Glowing, golden and powerful, it begs all to come to it, even if such a quest might spell death."

Really, I could write a whole flash fic on the idea of divine baked goods.  A friend suggested this, and probably didn't expect I'd get around to doing it.

3 A mountain, which is one of the things I like to draw a lot.  This one involved iceflows, which is nice to think about when its 90+ degrees out.  

4 Well, this one is a suggestion from +Aki Tora.  He asked for some sort of shantytown/Aztec pyramid thing.  Because I take suggestions (I do, you can put one in the comments for this blog, if you have one) I don't try to be super accurate to what the person described.  These be my practice material, and tbh, I'd try to be more accurate for someone who commissioned me.  That said, I'm glad it wasn't what he expected.  Proves that neat ideas come out a myriad of different ways.

5 My father suggested this, although I suspect he expected something else.  I found a neat picture of an eagle's nest for reference, and decided to go with that.  I like the end result, with the panel in it for a closeup.  Then again, I'm a comic book nerd, so panels always creep into things I draw.

6A robot bug shooting out fire.  A part of the #Cyberwood project, the Firewall contains the spread of cyberplants through practical (fire) and digital means (firewalls).  Robots like this are frontline defenders for the remnants of human civilization.

7Some sort of fire witch in a battle pose with Aztec-inspired tattooes.  Felt like a neat thing to draw, so it got drawed.  If I colored it, I'd prolly try to color the flame on her fist as the same color as her tattooes, probably blue and green, while the volcano in the background belches out browns and reds.  Might not work visually, but that's the first bit of color blocking I can think for it.


I take commissions, if you like any of my work here, and want something very specific, detailed and super up to what you want.  I still am taking suggestions.  If you have a suggestion for a future inksketch for me, please comment below.

I can't promise to do all suggestions I get, nor do I promise to do them exactly as suggested.  These are my daily practice, after all, and I try to make them work for me.  A suggestion here isn't the same as a commissioned piece, but still, I like having idea fodder for things to draw.  Keeps me from limiting myself.  And please share, if you enjoy these things.

Images here can be reused for any blog or other noncommercial work, so long as a link back to this page is provided (i.e., you give me credit for it).  Commercial uses should prolly ask for actual permission.