Friday, September 23, 2016

Inksketches, Week of September 23rd 2016

Autumn has set in.  O glorious autumn!  The bestest season.  I drew all these inksketches for such a magnificent sign!

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I recording drawing this pineapple.  I asked a friend for a suggestion, and that's what I drew.  Turned out pineapples are kind of interesting, after researching them.  Like most fruits, they come from South America.  Go figure.

Action shot.  Something that I imagine earth magick, geomancy, to look like.  Hard work.  I think creating tremors should require one to punch the ground.

Mountains.  Smoke.  I don't think I caught the texture of it quite right.  But I like my little addition of someone in the foreground, as if they are raising the smoke up for some reason.

Cute animal drawing.  Not much else to say about that.

This one I just captioned "Everything Dies."  More of my own imagination and too many ideas that would take forever to explain.  The skullpile and the hands holding dust, that just captured my mood at the time.

A self portrait.  Not the best version I could do.  I purposefully fucked up my mouth to make the expression interesting.  Kinda glad I got the expression, although I kinda squished my face a bit.
Wind magick.  I think I caught that.  Drawing invisible things like wind are their own unique challenges.