Friday, September 16, 2016

Inksketches, Week of September 16th 2016

September means cooler weather.  Autumn is the best because it means things are changing.  Change is good.  And here be some Inksketches.  Plus a video too, I suppose.

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Here's this weeks inksketches.  Another pile.  :D

 1. Starting off, a mountain with random debris all over it.  No reason for it, just something I sort of doodled into.

 2. A Pine Marten.  Possibly #Crux related, but I didn't bother to make that connection explicit.  Fire means its magic.  That sort of thing.

I'd say it's some sort of feyborn, talking, pyromancer Pine Marten.  Pine Martens are a sort of Western North American weasel.  I tend to think of them from the few times I've encountered them whilst in the wilds.

And I recorded drawing this Pine Marten, too.

3. Forgotten train in the #Cyberwood.  At least that's the excuse for the giant cosmos.  I've tried to stick to shading my inksketches.  Forests seem to benefit from layered shadows.  The effect makes them feel more... Foresty.

 4. Hummingbird check.  Skull, a bonus.  Just never drew a hummingbird before.  Seemed like the best thing.  The rest sort of... fell into place as I pencilled it.

 5. This and the next are experiments.  Comics, to see how much I can get done as part of my daily inksketch practice sessions.  The words are based on some light fiction I wrote as part of some sorcery notes on fire in Crux.  I'd explain more of it, but the comic feels like it does a decent job for me.

I hope.

 6.   Part two of the experimenting.  Also trying to get web-centric widths figured out.  At least enough to be certain I know I'm uploading the sizes I think I'm uploading.

 7. Some sort of earth magick.  Sorceries are very much in my headspace this week.  This one also was hand practice.  The end result... I like.  This is the sort of inksketch I really like.  My preference is black, inky stuff.  This one rocked out beautifully.

That thing where you know where to stop when it's good enough?  Yeah.  One of those.

Ok.  Another week down.

My plan for the future is to keep taking suggestions.  You got them, let me know.  And I still am taking commissions if'n you want to see them.  

For October, I'm going to try to change up my dailies.  A theme for the entire month.  Undead, I think.  That is what I've always drawn, enough that I always default to skulls when out of ideas.  I think 31 sketches of undead would be a neat accomplishment.  We'll see.