Monday, August 29, 2016

Random Thought: Fire

It comes and goes.  The fire one needs isn't a fixed thing like the sun.  The fire needs to be stoked.  Kindled unless it dies to the harsh cold of doubt.

All things created have a life to them.  Even those fictions and artworks we regard only for their beauty.  They exist, they breathe and they die for our sake.  They are fires.  Each is a fire that needs to burn.

It is easy to douse them.  To put them out.  To place them and let them die.  It is even easier to push other to douse the embers of new stories.  To silence unrealized dreams with but a phrase.

The fire of a dream needs kindling.  It needs eyes.  It can only live on by being told, by being seen, felt, tasted... Believed.

In this life, one must help throw kindling on the fires of the dreamers.  There is plenty out to douse them.