Friday, August 26, 2016

Inksketches, Week of August 26th

Another Week, another pile of Inksketches done.

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1.Very tired, I crafted this Grave Scorpion last saturday.  A friend got to see my process of uploading these on my phone.  Between an app and some minor photo editing, most of my inksketches are as they are on paper.  I just use some photo editing tricks to get rid of most pencils.

"With their eggs place'd in the corpses to hatch and protect the dead. Such is what the Kirgan do to keep back the Bokor."

2.Got in a good mood on Sunday.  This matched how I felt like I had managed to beat down some of my own doubts and self-hatred.

3. From Instagram: "The #Cyberwood reaches even into the depths of the desert."  

Cyberwood continues, as a secret project of mine.  One day I do something worth posting for it, other than my pictures of how it looks.

4. I hit a troublesome pose for a sketch.  This took me 4 attempts to get one I like.  Even then, this still feels... "eh" to me.  I call it "Warrior" because that's how it feels to me.  At least the pose feels correct.    

5.  Something emotive.  To be specific, she is a Fish-Vampyre- a Patrizo, from #Crux.  One of my favorite ideas for Crux is that four of the five vampyre clans are elemental-based.  The Patrizo, obviously, have ties to water.  The angry, tsunami-kind of water magick powers.

6. Something experimental.  A "Smart" jacket of a sort, and probably a social media device- a Mnemosyne, which lets you experience the short memories of others they post online, like twitter or vine.

7. From Instagram: "Even the #fungus in the #Cyberwood grows beyond our ken and understanding. Such is the ecological curse of the cybernetic virus, everything is touched by it."

If you enjoy these sketches, feel free to share 'em!  Also, please post in the comments any suggestions for things for me to draw.  I might not get to them right away, but if I do, I'll do my best to credit the idea back to you!  :D