Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Crux Rules Notes (2016) 2

More of a meditation on things to do with Crux, rules and the like I think.

Classes and Such

A core conceit for Crux has been the idea that classes- the long used rules mechanic in our world- was an actual metaphysical concept in-setting.  Having a Class in Crux is something you state.  It's like discussing the weather or social etiquette.  It just is.

This idea still feels important to Crux to me.  But using the term Class (and other d20 terminology) in-world has its difficulties.  I think the concept can still remain, but could be easier to convey if the setting term for classes had the sobriquet "Path."  Calling them Paths has a nicer ring.  And it allows class to be used for more sociological use, rather than a mechanical concept.

The other part would be for me to try to embed Paths a bit more into the setting.  Each time I've come to do rules for the game, I manage to realize I need to do more.  But I don't want the granularity of d20.  I want the flavor of a d20 class, but I don't want thicket of rules that comes with it.  Apocalypse World and its spawn have given me inspiration for how to do paths in the future.

I think providing some options for players at the Path level is handy.  Some players will always enjoy their blank slates, but my experience with Crux showed my setting needs more ready to go "archetypes" for people to step into.

I'd borrow the playbooks of Apocalypse World for future Crux stuff.  The lists provide ready options.  A basic list of talents and a list of advanced talents, too, help sketch out a Path.  I dislike the moves in Apocalypse World, but I think that's from me not having run the system.  Sometimes some rules just flow better in practice than in hypotheticals.