Saturday, July 9, 2016

Inksketches, Week of July 8th

Every day I try to do an inked sketch.  Then with my iPhone, I scan it and alter it so the pencils aren't visible.  Here are this week's sketches.  I just switched back to smaller sketchpad this week.  The bigger pad wasn't fitting into my day pack, so small pad for now.  

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  1. Something symbolic for Friday.   Maybe it's political too.  Felt like I needed to do it after Dallas and other things over the last week.  Tiny things sometimes help to get through the dark times, y'know?
  2. Landscape.  Partly inspired by my current short story in progress, "Little Ainesia."  I think this is what the estate of Draketor in Dragunrun, Ainesia might look like.  maybe not.  Still feels like a neat landscape shot.
  3.  Monday's Dog Days post led me to try to do a decent dog sketch.  This turned out magnificently.  IDK what the dog is covered in.  Blood?  Water?  Maybe I'll color it up later.
  4.  Big dog over a ruined skyscraper.  So, maybe there was a theme going on this week?  IDK.
  5. Big cat.  Seemed like a good idea to try to do.  Not my best take on a tiger, but it sort of matches the image in my head.
  6.  Skulls are the easiest thing for me to draw.  I doodle them all the time.  IDK what this is, but it feels mystical and witchy.  
  7. Lettering practice in this sketch.  Also, a bit of city watch design for #Crux going on too.  Go figure.

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