Saturday, July 30, 2016

Inksketches, Week of July 29th 2016

Whoa.  A heat wave this week made it so much longer than necessary.  As is my job, I took to art to combat the evils of the dark Daystar.  The bastard might've won the day, but I at least got some ink sketches done.

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Starting off with a Bear.  I like how this turned out, especially the grass.  The grass feels authentic in it.  Also, that is a bear look of "wha?"
Something weird.  Possibly inspired by Changeling the Lost.  As that is the current RPG I'm running, I expect it to influence things.  The elven standing in a pile of thorns is symbolic of something.
Her expression alone seemed worth the effort here.  The flaming rose is sort of recurring motif from the previous sketch.  Face practice meeting head musing.
 A bit of a landscape.  This is what Eastern Oregon feels like, from a landscape perspective.  Hills, desert, wildflowers and brush.  Dryland labyrinth at the mercy of a cruel sun god.
Character design.  I have the idea for a thing, as I tend to do, so I did some character design for it.  This is Gaby Ivanka, and I think she's the fan of a comic book character that is a pastiche of the mighty Thor and Artemis.  The short hair feels right, but I'm not sure what colors to put on her yet.  I think she'll have lots of greens.
More character design.  This one was inspired by a guy who came into my work.  A hundred degrees out and he wore a black leather jacket over a tank top.  He looked like an extra from a Mad Max film.  I liked the look and decided it would work ok for another character, Booth.  I have no idea what the skullpig thing on his shirt is about.
Wildflowers to end the week.  Dark surprises in the image if you are looking for it.