Friday, July 22, 2016

Inksketches, Week of July 22nd

Another week, another pile of inksketches!

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  1.  Starting off, a tree on a stone bridge.  One of those dreamy landscape pictures.  As is my fave motif, some random ruins too.  This is one of those images you know comes with it being summer, y'know?
  2.  A symbol for the Horned God or Moloch or whatever.  Always I like to do a bit of iconography, especially for elements from my own imagined universes.  One day, I'll really get to explain what all this means.  
  3. Whilst Pokemanning, I sat at a restaurant for dinner.  A few friends and I are preparing to start a Changeling the Lost Chronicle.  The elements of that are still in the air.  But drawing elves on very alien looking quadrepeds?  Yep, I'm in the right mind space for it.
  4. Dog with a pipe.  If I have to explain this, I feel sorry for you.
  5. Pretty holographic projecting flowers in the #Cyberwood.  As that project remains [REDACTED], I still draw images from it from time to time.  In this case, this one proved popular on the Instagram.  Yep.  I'm down with the youths.  Yo.
  6. This is a bit of building design while watching Steven Universe.  A tree or trees taking over a building feels Cyberwoodish, but this isn't really the same thing, I think.  I think this is just me trying to inject a bit of storytelling into a mundane image.  
  7. And we end with today's, a bit of Thistle.  Some life drawing, with a bit of a surprise in it for those able to see it.  Thistle or whatever this is, I found along the road while Pokemanning the Go.  Finding little pieces of the wild always is part of why I like walking to work.   
Wild, mind, is not the same as nature.  Humanity has plenty of nature in a city.  A city, is a piece of nature, as humans and their closest associates tend to be part of that.  No, wildness is nature that doesn't care what humanity or civilization or cities are.  It grows and disregards us as just temporary infections, something it will one day outpace.

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