Friday, July 1, 2016

Inksketches, Week of July 1st

Every day I try to do an inked sketch.  Then with my iPhone, I scan it and alter it so the pencils aren't visible.  Here are this week's sketches.  I just switched to larger sketchpad, so these images tend to have much more detail in them.  On twitter and instagram I post these everyday, if you are looking for some place to follow and get these in your feed.

  1. Butterflies.  It's June and sometimes you just want to watch the butterflies.
  2. Some character design thoughts.  Almost drew an octopus.  But Cecaelia also intrigue me.  Octopus tentacles have an interesting, fractal vibe to them.
  3. More hand practice.  Some cybernetics too.  It all is connected, y;know?  I dislike how the fingers ended up on this.  I need to do more practice on the hands.  
  4. More #Cyberwood stuff.  The project continues, but we still haven't gotten to the point where I can truly say "this is the Cyberwood, enjoy!"  Still, I keep using Cyberwood as fodder for my personal practice.
  5. Butterflies.  Again.  I know.  This one is more of the #Cyberwood kind of butterfly.  Fire not necessary.  But it makes it more awesome.  Obviously.
  6.  The wolf will always be my sigil.  Somehow I managed to get the essence of that this week.  Neat to get that sort of thing done.
  7.  Mountains for today.  These come up a lot in my art.  They are a core feature because I live in the American West, and like some other regions in the world, mountains are something I always expect in the background.  Flatter places have always... seemed bland to my head. 
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