Thursday, June 23, 2016

Patreon Launched!

Been meaning to establish a Patreon for the blog for awhile now.  The idea is create a way for readers to support the blog in a direct fashion.  Click here to visit the Patreon page, if you want to support this blog.  Also, I made a video for the patreon too.  Weird, I know.

The most important goal is just me getting the patreon setup.  I don't see it ever providing a huge amount of money, but it seems the best way to get me resources to expand the blog.  There are other projects I'd like to try out, but atm lack the time/resources to really dig into.

Webcomic: One of my "secret" side projects is a webcomic I've been working on the side for months now.  I haven't yet been able to get enough of it done that I'm happy with posting it.   I still take too long to get a page done to want to start a webcomic.  One of the first things success on the Patreon can do is help me be able to get more time to work on the webcomic and launch it.

"Zine": I don't know how useful this idea is, but the plan is compile a monthly .pdf of stories and art from this blog as part of the patron rewards.

Video Tales: I'd like to experiment with more videos.  This goal, while not tied to the Patreon per se, would benefit from it as well.  I have a bunch of flash fic and stories I know aren't going to be published- the few "this might get published" kind of stories I have are so few I don't pretend it's something I'm trying to do.  Reading aloud some of the stories I like but don't think would get published and making them into video stories, this seems like a experiment worth trying.

Commissions: Not for my art, but commissioning others to art for my blog has always been a goal of mine.  I'd like to pay people for art, but still lack the funds to do what I'd like.  Artists never have enough money.  That and I'd love to see other people's interpretations of some things.  This I might still do, but right now I've slid it under the Patreon.  Part of the patreon's goals is pay for commissions for the blog in some ways.

Also, I'm going to try to put more art on this blog in particular.  It seems like I artificially separate my writing and art.  The two tend to be tied together after a fashion.  So, I'd going to try to tie my daily inksketches to the blog in some fashion.

Any questions from regular readers on this?  I'm open to other ideas for the patreon, be it on promoting it or doing it better.