Friday, May 6, 2016

What Is Nothing?

Does it exist?  Does it have a taste?  A smell?  What sound does it make?  Can you even remember it?

It is hard to describe.  It is harder to comprehend.

That is the nature of the Nihiloid.  One can't even remember what they look like.  The Nihiloid is made of nothing.  But that doesn't make it alive.  It doesn't make the nothing dead either.

Death and life are somethings.  Nothingness is beyond that.  The Nihiloid are... aren't.  Monsters, People, Objects.  All of the above and none of the above either.

Nihiloid are holes.  They don't exist.  Imagine all reality, all that exists, as a piece of paper.  Nihiloid are holes in the paper.  Holes in memory.  Holes in space.

Sometimes one can see them.  After effects and echoes.

But doing so is hard.  The mortal mind can't quite see the nothing that comprehends the Nihiloid.  It can't remember touching them.  Seeing them.  Nothingness deletes memories.  One cannot remember the Nihiloid.

Memories can't remember them.  Senses can't sense them.  Ideas fall to describe them.

Emotions.  Strong emotions can pierce the nothingness.


Those touched by the Nihiloid are erased.  Ripped out of the pages of reality.  Deleted.

Becoming nothing leaves a shadow.  An echo.  But it also deletes the memories of that person or thing in all those who knew it.  Places and things owned by the deleted person, they seem as though they popped into being as if never seen before.

The threads are left around the hole cut.

Nihiloid never die.  Nihiloid are immortal.  Being embraced by them puts one in a place beyond death.  Beyond the layers of reality.

Emotions can see through the hole cut by Nihiloid.  The deleted flock to the warmth of those strong emotions still held for them.  Even without memories to bind them, the emotions remain there.

It could be possible to melt away the nothingness, the Nihiloid.  Ice, melted by the fire of emotions.

But such is conjecture.  How do you strike against something you can never remember?