Thursday, March 10, 2016

City of Curses: On Ith (Maralda's Notes)

On Ith.  
Essay By Maralda Inculti Tyranus.

Ith.  My home.  The Sorcerous Republic.

My father told me how Ith rebelled against the theocratic rule of Othebea.  The core of the revolution had been the right of arcane magic to practice certain rituals.  If you ask me, a core set of principled spellcasters set the stage.  Othebea had been long changing its view of Witches and the like.

I grew up after the revolution.  Ith still is growing.  I don't know if that means it can survive.  There has always been a key struggle.  The Unsorcerous.  They have no rights.

My father is a Vampyre, and my skill as a Bard makes me Sorcerous.  I have more rights than a lot of people.  A lot.

It's a class thing that I can't stand.  Rangers or Fighters I've met, I could kill them in the street and face no criminal action for it.  Even though my father's clan doesn't slay innocents for sustenance, many other vampyre clans are able to do so.

I'm biased on this I think.

Ith is also something new.  Despite it's failings, it is the first true republic to arise on Orphos for thousands of years.  Nobility and aristocracy are largely banned throughout the Sorcerous Republic.  Places like Crux are exceptions.  Ith is supportive and accepting of so many kinds of being.  Monsters that Othebea once hunted throughout the Maru Sea migrated to Ith in droves.

The Sorcerous Republic has the chance to bring something new to the world.  It fails some.  But I would love to see it expand those rights to those without easy access to magic.  But it's applying centuries of philosophy and knowledge to the rule of law.

Ainesia sees Ith as not going as far as it has.  But Ainesia has formed a empire around its worship of the Revolution.  Strife and violence is a cornerstone Ainesia has used, but Ith hasn't.

Othebea remains a steady ally, sharing its religion with most of Ith.  Yet Othebea remains tense.  Ith has removed all legal authority from monster hunting organizations.  The most notable being the Eternal Order of Eagles and Crows.  Othebeans continue to find Ith's embrace of monsters distasteful.

The Khans of Maliph treat Ith as a backwards, strange curiosity.  Their northern neighbor embraces monsters like they have.  But the folk of Maliph find us Ithish strange in that we don't embrace slavery like they do.  We compete with them in trade.  Maliph still dominates the seas.  There remains some contested territory between Maliph and Ith as well.  I've spoken with some from Maliph, they fear that Maliph might be on the edge of its own revolution, and soon.

To be Ithish is to know you are part of something new.  An embrace of a new sort of philosophy that no else has yet replicated.  We use the word liberty to describe it.  It's a goal, even if we fail to meet it.