Saturday, February 20, 2016

Flash Fic: River Magic

The greatest of us must be weighed in blood.  Those were the first words she taught me.  River magick has always been an American tradition, and we owe that woman for it.

They think she died out in that ship.  You can't kill a River Witch with a storm.

River magic doesn't kill it's wielders.  Water magic doesn't make a body immortal.  But you can use it to bend the rules.  Those who master water, those who call forth the sorcery of oceans and rivers, it gives command over the waters.  But not just the material waters we all see and call.

River magic calls the ways.  River magic controls the flow of more than just water.  That is where I never believed Theodosia died in that storm.

If you can control the magic in rivers and waters, you can command the flow of time.  Seconds and moments are yours to move as well as the drops in the sky.  Time is a river, and river magick gives it's acolytes the means to control it.

Maybe that witch lied when she told me her name.  Maybe Theodosia Burr died in that storm back in 1812.  But whoever she was, she taught me how to control the flow.  She filled my head with spells over time and water.  She taught me how many moments happen people never live to see.