Wednesday, January 6, 2016

City of Curses: Kybele's New Pet (Flash Fiction)

Here's some flash fic set in #Crux, the City of Curses.  A early industrial fantasy- a romantic setting.  Built around the massive skull of some long forgotten god, Crux is home to many.  It's a place of scoundrels, monsters and curses from around the world meet and clash.  Kybele finds a new pet- and saves him from a troll.  If you enjoy this story, please share it!  Always glad to see new eyeballs on it.

Kybele's New Pet

Kybele Mansmith grinned.  Her human walked into the coffee shop.  Not that he knew that.

The Ursyklon Doll looked the part.  Her hair in pigtails.  A purple bow to go with her pink and purple
dress.  She looked like a human child.  Her size helped.  Being the stature as a human child, it helped.  She’d dyed her hair blond a long time ago.

She poured over her scrapbook about him.  Kybele had been following him for months.

“One day, you’ll be all mine.”  Kybele told herself.  Damian Isatis.  A human policeman.

She flipped through her collection.  Photos of Damian on patrol.  Drawings of the unsorcerous man she’d sketched.  Everyday Kybele watched him come to this coffee shop to begin his day.

From a afar the little woman imagined stroking his hair.  He would understand her.  The last humans her family owned had failed to grasp Kybele.  Kybele’s father had to kill his, because the human had gotten too old.

The younger girls had fallen suit.  They didn’t understand Kybele.  They left her all alone.  Just because a useless old human had been pushed out a window.  Seriously.  Did they not care for her at all?

Damian brushed aside dark hair as Kybele watched him.  She knew he would understand her.  Ursyklons bonded with all sorts of animals.  But her clan knew humans the best.  She couldn’t wait to own one for herself.  Kybele and Dolls like her were to humans as hounds were to a well-trained houndmaster.

Without their guidance, Kybele knew they’d be lost.  So lost.

Kybele infatuation stopped as Damian put down his cup of coffee.  He stood up.  She gathered her things.  Her human was going on patrol.  Kybele loved taking him out for a walk!

“My unsorcerous big apa.”  Kybele cooed.  She hadn’t decided on the best way to let him know she’d decided to keep him.

Kybele knew from his walk that Damian must’ve had another fight with his mate.  She shook her head.  She didn’t approve of that match.  Oh, the training she had to do for him!

Damian’s patrol took him throughout Crux’s Grand Bazaar neighborhood.  He walked his normal route, albeit a bit glower today.  Kybele kept pace.  Then her unsorcerous pet took a right when he should’ve gone right.

“By the mother.”  Kybele spat.   “No!  Don’t go down that way!”

She lost track of him.  He’d gone too far.  To an old, dark granite bridge that spanned over the stream of offal and sewerage.  Kybele couldn’t stop the fool.  He had gone over that bridge.  The one that belonged to one of the more annoying Trolls in the Grand Bazaar.

“Idiot human.  The things you have to do to keep them.”  Kybele shook her head.  She leaped after the shadow that grabbed Damian.

“That belongs to me!”  Kybele hissed at the troll.  She landed in the pile of detritus under the granite bridge.

“Findersss keepersss.”  The troll retorted.  It looked like a massive boulder.  The troll’s crooked jaw drooled.  Moss and fungi grew all over its sides.  Damian hung limp in the troll’s left claw.  He or she or it looked at her with drunken, yellow eyes.

“Great.  Drunk troll.”  Kybele closed her eyes.  “Look, just give me back my human.”

“Half’lin little pink thing can’t bossss Metyro’polos.”  The troll belched.  “Metyro’polosss strong.  Bigger.”

“Right.  Bigger.”  Kybele sighed.  Unsorcerous, Damian had no legal rights.  Without some sort of stake in it, Kybele couldn’t rely on others to help her.  If anything, she was certain others would keep her from being able to finally claim him for her own.

Then she pulled out a crowbar.  Her eyes glowed as her own charm magick bubbled to life.  She put emphasis on her words.  Kybele made her voice sound weak.  Childish.  She put a whine into it.

“Take this and swallow it.  For me, please?”

The troll nodded.  “Metyro’polosss do as cute thing say.”

Kybele watched as the troll put the crowbar in its mouth and swallow.  Smoke erupted from its crooked maw.  Kybele shook her head.

“That’s iron, idiot.”  The troll dropped Damian.  It clutched at it throat.  Fey like this troll couldn’t stand contact with iron.  Swallowing it? Just as painful if a human were to bleed to death.

Metyro’polos tried to scream at her.  Kybele dodged each swing of the troll’s claws.  His pained gaze made her giggle.  She could almost taste his pain as he fell to the ground.

She bent over Damian as the troll died behind her.  The doll looked him over.  Alive.  Good.

His eyes blinked open her looked up at her.

Kybele didn’t hesitate.  She dropped to him.  She sobbed into Damian’s shirt.  She balled her eyes out.  “You saved me!  Thank you!”
Damian’s eyes glazed over as the charm spell took effect.  “Are you ok… miss?”

“I’m a lost little girl.”  Kybele whined.  Her words wove the spell deeper.  “Won’t you help me?  Won’t you save me?”

Her human obeyed.  Damian nodded.  Kybele rode in his arms.  This was everything she imagined.  Kybele’s pet human carried her home.