Sunday, January 31, 2016

City of Curses: Face: Morris and the Hole (Fate Core)

Morris and the Hole.

My jaw stung from dealing with Staph's Drop.  The catacombs under the university always seemed to go on forever.  But eventually the horse trails end.

Near the bottom of the catacombs, just before you reach the geysers and the acid lakes, is little spot.  I never expected to find something that felt like a small town in the giant sprawl that's Crux.  But down here, you can find it.  A tiny collection of hovels gathered around one man's hole.

I made my way over to the bar.  The tavern known as The Hole has no walls.  It just sits in the open, next to a bottomless hole in the ground.  Pulleys hang down from it, where the tavern owner also keeps a elevator that goes down to the Bottoms.

People don't go to the Bottoms, not unless they really like useless trash, acid and weird animals you don't want to see more than once.  

A Face: The Owner of The Hole. 

Morris is an odd Tiefling.  He's a wholesome businessman.  Yet he operates in one of the most remote parts of the Catacombs.

Morris is a bald tiefling with glowing green feline eyes.  His clothing is dirty, brown leathers.  His horns are tiny stubs, while his skin matches the dark stone around his home.  Morris wears a single onyx ring.  He keeps an old, lavender handkerchief.   Morris doesn't like to talk about the handkerchief, preferring to deflect any questions about it.  The tavern owner looks like he is of middle age.

With a kind voice, he offers refreshments to weary archaeologists and delvers.  His prices tend to be high.  He'll mention his goods have their value due to scarcity.  But Morris is more glad to see people, so he's willing to haggle.

Morris lives alone.  He's enjoyed settling down in a remote place, for his own reasons.  He likes being alone these days.


The Tiefling tavern keeper had been born to a Rosefolk Priestess of the Black Rose.  Born Moira, she'd been forced to attend more ceremonies for the Black Rose than other children her age.  She never liked the dresses or the expected life her mother had planned for her.  Moira preferred dressing in a boy's veil, like all Rosefolk.

She ran away from home.  The beatings for being a tiefling didn't cause her to leave.  The arguments over clothes didn't push her to find a change.  The constant assumption that as being a fiendblood she was guilty of some inherent sin, that drove her to leave.  On her thirteenth birthday, Moira left.

Being accused of something she didn't do, she crawled into nearby catacombs.  Moira dressed as a boy, calling herself Morris.  Morris learned the ways of the Rogue class, eventually moving into the catacombs full time.  Morris enjoyed the long quiet in the catacombs.

He won the Hole in a good hand of Elements.  Ever since, the stone-gray tiefling has been a happy face deep in the catacombs.  But Morris retains his mother's attitude on various things.  He is a wholesome person, and doesn't tolerate some behaviors.  He has no walls because he doesn't turn away the needy.  But thieves and criminals, he does his part to either help them find justice.  He doesn't always swing the blade, but sometimes Morris finds ways to bring vigilantes into the Catacombs to do so.

Morris is a member of the Eternal Order of the Eagles and the Crows, the fraternity of monster hunters and vigilantes that operates through the Church of the Twins.  Morris is a Crow, although he dislikes some of the darker things Crows do in the name of justice.

Morris vyn Guid

Aspects: Fiendblooded Owner of The Hole; Ran Away To the Catacombs; A Wholesome, Smiling Face; 
A Crow: As a member of the Crows, Morris knows how to inform the rest of the Order of evil or other matters of their interest very quickly.
Access To The Bottoms: Morris has very easy access to the Bottoms, the ancient landfill and refuse pile at the very bottom of the catacombs.  As such, he often can find or come up with items he needs very easily.
Expeditionary Contact: Morris knows what expeditions are coming or going on around.  Further, he often knows more about them than their members do.  He easily can tell you what different groups are after, where they are headed and how to reach them.

Available Drinks At The Hole.
Jug of Water, 1 Sphinx.
Red Fungus Rum, Half-Sphinx.
Giant Ant Mead, 3 Wands.