Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Random Thought: Reflections on 2015

The mind wanders sometimes.  The sky doesn't abate.  It just is.  The earth doesn't stop.  It just is.  But the mind?  It wanders.

It creates things from nothing.  Somethings from nothing.  That's the art of the mind.  The Naming Mind makes things out of nothings.  The imagination crystallizes concepts from nothing into being.  Time is one of those things.  It doesn't exist, except where the mind has imagined it.

Another year has past.  Yet the mind imagines that.  The sky and the earth don't care.  Time doesn't bug them.  The mountain doesn't think, perhaps that's why it seems to beautiful to us.

Thoughts On 2015

Well, another year hasn't past.  Not yet.

We still got a few days left.

It's easy to think of New Years as a time of regrets for me.  Add on top of that the failures of humanity.  Wars.  Corruption.  Corporations. Climate change.  The mad stupidity humanity seems to run towards.  Things always seem like they could be falling apart.

Yet... I don't really agree.

It's easy to give into my doubts.  To think my stories and art mean nothing.  After all, I'm the naming mind mentioned up above.

Over the centuries, humanity has managed to hone and rid itself of a number of ills.  Yes, antibiotics might no longer be useful.  In a few years, our medical science might be unable to stop some epidemics.  Yet we've managed to eliminate a number of them.  Even with lunatics being anti-vaccine these days, we still are on the verge of a new universe of medical breakthroughs.  The applications of research because of the human genome project still are finding new tools that'll open up more and more amazing avenues.

Climate change is acidifying the oceans.  It's raising the global temperature and we don't know how.  By the same hook, through, 2015 saw us make actual global steps to working on that.  Maybe we'll have serious problems because of it.  But it seems we are trying to work together despite the moneyed interests trying to stall it.

Copyright law has more or less left our culture stagnant.  The internet keeps putting this to the proverbial test.  Piracy on the Net will continue to exist I think.  Truly interesting new work on the Net violates copyright on the face of it: game streams.  I'm not saying the system is going down, but the line has already blurred.  We aren't getting characters put into the public domain yet.  But on the other hand, I think there might be a new age of cultural ideas entering the public domain.

Wars have gone down in number.  Despite terrorism and gun violence, human deaths due to violence still aren't as high as they once were.  People got upset over a lion dying in Africa this year... which is worth note, considering we once thought lions fighting things to the death was a valid form of entertainment.

Humanity isn't a graven, horrid monster.  We're doing better.  We could be better faster.  But sometimes you need to note what changes have happened before you write down all of the mistakes.

Me in 2015

So I'm not trying to be down on myself.  2015 didn't see that many big things happen from me.  But Crux got a lot bigger.  I started a novel/series, which I plan to get back to in my next post (InTransitMonsters).  I wrote a fair bit of flash fiction, although a lot of it ended up set in Crux.  I revised one short story (Black Friday) and wrote some new ones altogether (Holiday, Iron Justice).  I tried to start a comic or two, but none of them ended up anywhere.

My home game of Crux felt like it had a stellar year, becoming one of the longest RPG campaigns I've ever run.

My artwork feels like it hit a new plateau.  It felt like it got better.

I also visited two places: Spokane, Washington and Anaheim, California.  I walked them.  It's easy to say "I know a place."  But you only really know a place after you've walked it.  Seen how people do their regular day in it.

I never thought of writing them on here.  This blog is mostly my musings and ramblings.  It's not about me.

2015 I added a bunch more to this blog.  2016, I want to continue the trend of me rambling.  And possibly finish a few things.

There are some secret projects.  Maybe I can get those done too.