Saturday, December 26, 2015

Holiday Part 2 (A Short Story Of Regrets In the Year 2100)

Here's part 2 of Holiday.  Set in the 2100, this is the #shortstory of a #Christmas an elderly woman, Zara Gate spends alone- the time when the cold cuts harder is when you have no one to share the holiday with.  A story about regrets and how one deals with a Xmas alone, the regrets of things both personal and grand.  If you enjoyed any bit of this tale, let me know!  Please share and I'm always glad to find ways to improve on these things.

Beginning of the Story | Part 3

Holiday, Part 2
It took a few moments of silence before the male nurse's voice spoke up.

"My apologies ma'am... I'm sorry for your loss.  He died in his sleep, so it had been painless."

The voice just echoed in Zara's mind.  Little Mark dead in his sleep.  Her body shook.

"I...  That's..."  Zara stumbled over her words.

"Well, if there is anything you need, Miss Gates, you can reach me-"

Zara ended the call.  She couldn't listen to anymore of it.  She closed her eyes.  How could you do this to me?  Zara thought.

No.  I'm no spring chicken myself.  Is it because he's my little brother?  Of course it was.  He was her only remaining family.

"Why?"  Her eyes filled with tears.  "This all ties back to that night with Paul.  Another Christmas without snow."

The car ride back then had been so exciting for Zara.  After years overseas, she and Paul had finally gotten back to the states.  They were going home to Montana.  She couldn't wait to see how things would go.

Things were going to be perfect.

"Hmm."  Zara murmured.

"Really?"  Paul replied.  "You've had a nonstop grin on your face this entire trip."

Zara gave him a sleepy look as he drove.  "A White Christmas, Paul.  We haven't had one yet."

"Well..."  Paul shrugged.

The jeep crested over the white and glimmering Rockies.  The snowfall was too light for Montana, but it still was snowfall.  Paul pulled the jeep into a overlook part of the highway.

"We aren't supposed to stop yet."  She looked over at Paul.  "This isn't Glacier yet."

Paul looked down.  He gestured at the mountains around them.  "Look in the glove compartment, Z."

Zara tilted her head at him.  Tired, she didn't like it when he pulled tricks like this.  Her heart raced a bit.  She knew it could be certain something.  That made her panick.

She opened the compartment.  Zara pulled out the tiny velvet case.  She flipped it open.  Then she snapped it shut.

"Zara.  We've dated and done all sorts of things off and on these last few years.  Fighting climate change on the ground level, I guess."  Paul coughed.  "This is my Christmas present for you.  I promise to-"

"No."  Zara whispered.

"What?"  Paul looked at Zara.  He looked confused.  Lovesick.

Zara shook her head.  "I mean, I can't.  Not now, Paul."

"What do you mean, not now?  We're visiting your family.  We're two young people in love-"

"-which is why I need to think about it."  Zara finished.  She looked over to the snow drifting in the distance.  Such a gorgeous view.  Why couldn't she just say yes?  What made her hesitate?

"Why?"  Paul sighed.  "IDK.  Maybe I shouldn't ask that."

"I..."  Zara bunched up her shoulders.  "I don't know if I want a family, Paul.  I should be happy and- why did you spring this on me like this?  On the way to spend Christmas with my folks?  We're going to be seeing them in a few hours.  Why would you put me in this position?"

"I was trying to be romantic."

"I don't need a idiot male to romance me."  Zara's tone came off sharper than she meant to.  She winced at the acid in her words.

"Fine."  Paul shifted the jeep back into drive.  He took them back onto the highway.  "This idiot male will do his best to shut up for the rest of the trip."

"Paul, please don't be that-"

"Fine, Z."  Paul gave her a irritated look.  "Just let me-"

He didn't finish his words.  Paul didn't see the truck as it slammed into them.  Their fight caused him to drift over into the other lane.

Despite the snow, Zara didn't consider that a white Christmas.  She walked away.  Paul never got to see how bad that Christmas ended up.