Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Center Cannot Hold: The Demons (Fate Core)

The Demons.

Demons are what you make of them.  Devils exist in opposition to Angels, having fallen from the heavens.  Devils have an order, and the many Hells they tend are dark abodes.  Demons are what you make of them.

Devils make deals.  They will appear when Angels come to destroy or decimate, and offer refugees a chance out.  Demons don't make deals.  That isn't what they do.

Demons are what you make of them.  They become whatever people fear.  They become whatever punishment the sinful imagine.  Demons are the dark mirror, trapped in images imagined by those they will never meet.  Demons are souls who've become the suffering they imagined in life.  They also become the monsters others dream of.

Among Demons this means most seek out ways to share their communal suffering.  Theirs is a existential pain.  Spiritually scarred by the weight of others, each Demon is weak to a form of forgiveness.


The Shedim are guardian demons.  They will protect others and do them favors.  They are guard spirits.  But the Shedim act the part of things that aren't demons.  Liars and charlatans, Shedim thrive off of helping others to find ways to be led astray.

Shedim will protect you from death, but they'll plant suggestions that'll help you twist your faith darker.  They led astray, giving you lies that only end with the end of your family and other aspirations.  These mysterious beings become the sole motivation for your life, keeping you safe, while you grow more and more distant from those you love and care about.

Shedim are aware they are leading others astray.  It's a compulsion.  They don't mean to do it, but their urge to protect others is genuine.  This makes it hard to sense them as demonic spirits.  Shedim are the lost souls of those who were too arrogant to save others.  Unwilling in life to admit their own errors, each death caused by their arrogance bound them as Demons.

Aspects A Guardian Shedim; Left-Handed Help

Shedim can be treated as a stunt, if a character accepts their aid.  

Stunt: Shedim.  You are immune to physical or magic attacks, making you invincible against those sorts of attack.  However, each time the Shedim defends you, it comes at a cost.  Most often this cost strains those around you, as you seem to insult or push them further and further away.