Monday, November 9, 2015

City of Curses: Neighborhoods: The Rag Coast

The Rag Coast.
Aspect: Ragged Waste
Connected To: The Irons District (to the South), Grand Bazaar (to the Northeast, Port of Crux (to the North), Palace Hill (to the East), Wish Quarter (to the Southeast).
Most Significant Icon: None
Well Known For?  Filth, Crematories, Butcheries, Penny Graves, and Grotesque Swine.

Stinking of filth and grime, the Rag Coast sits along a stretch of the Locke river. Sewer grates and landfills dominate the shore line.  This is a dumping ground for offal and dead animals from the Grand Bazaar and other parts of Crux.  

I don't linger here, at this eyesore that springs from the city into the sea.  This is a place to dump the unwanted.  One shudders at the thought of what might have left here.


Landfills and other detritus always have clogged parts of Crux.  At first caught in nooks and crannies.  In the last few centuries it had gotten out of hand.  The founding of the Ragwalkers had led to neighborhoods like Old Crux and the Grand Bazaar clean.  But the worst place remained.

Although the Ragwalkers rid a great deal of the sewerage and garbage, they couldn't take care of all of it.  The industrial waste of the Irons District and slaughterhouses had to go somewhere.  The Rag Coast is where most dump it into the Locke river to float out to the sea.  The Locke by the time it flows into the sea is already laden with waste from northward.

The Rag Coast also handles the dead.  Most are the unsorcerous dead, or those bodies people want to see go away.  The herds of pigs that seem endemic to the area consume any dead left out.

The Grotesque Swine of the Rag Coast.

Herds of pigs inhabit the Rag Coast, some tended by humans or the exploitative feyborn pigs.  Among these herds are also are the grotesque pigs, or bear-pigs.  Each of these swine are more massive than any simple boar or pig.  Each stands the height of a full grown human at the shoulder, almost sixteen feet in length.  They have been known to attack and eat horses.  Grotesques are kept at bay by the Rag Coast wards.  A series of enchantments that keep them from wandering into the Grand Bazaar, or the Docks.

They do make into the Wish Quarter.  The Tieflings do what they can.  But their side of the wards the Ragwalkers have rarely maintained.

Grotesque Pig Stats

Aspects: Grotesque Pig; Really, Really Big Pig
Fair (+2) Fierce: Audacity Good (+3), Mechanics
Good (+3) Beastly: Influence Great (+4), Vigor Superb (+5), Vim Superb (+5), Violence Great (+4)
Average (+1) Swift: Animalism, Deduction Good (+3), Skulduggery
Massive Pig: Grotesque Pigs get a +2 on Vigor or Vim whenever their big size could prove useful for them.


No icon has a claim over the Rag Coast, although Tieflings claim it is a pet project of the Prince's to torture them.  But there isn't anything of value for anyone to find in the Rag Coast.  Not unless you are trying to dump things you don't want there.

The Police Commissioner has been trying to wrest some sort of control over the area.  The Rag Coast seems key for all sorts of investigations.  The Commissioner doesn't have the legal authority to conduct investigations within Crux, however.  Attempts to search the Rag Coast have all fallen through.

The Archwitch and her own use the Rag Coast as a quick dumping ground for those willing to pay them the right price.  The Archdruid and other Ursyklon do what they can to try to rein in the feyborn pigs of the Rag Coast, the Cullach.  The Cullach seem to enjoy using their own unintelligent kind, sometimes even eating them.  The Archdruid is certain the area is poisoning local leylines.  But she hasn't been able to find druids willing to try to take over the area.

The Cullach are handy to ask about any bodies dumped in the Rag Coast.  They keep any trinkets they find.  Some have accused Pa Cullach of eating dead humans himself.  He seems to always find the freshest dead left to rot.  For the right price, the old boar is more than willing to tell others of his tasty takes.