Wednesday, November 4, 2015

City of Curses: Myths: The Vault of the Last

Crux, 1435 After Othebes

Tynann Wiseowl tried not to fall over with anxiety at the sight of the angel in the air above her.  

Afterall, Angels appeared so rarely.  Each other time had ended in some sort of disaster.

"Um, pardon sir, or ma'am?" The Ursyklon girl stammered at the six winged, red-haired feminine being hovering above her.  As a Ursyklon, Tynann felt tiny compared to the angel's towering height.  "I don't know, if you are one or the other or... you know..."

The red-haired being looked down at her.  Eyes glowing with white energy dug into Tynann's soul.

"Keeper.  Take me to the Vault of the Last."

"Riiight."  Tynann tried not to wince at the words as the angel spoke them.  Being a Keeper had been something she'd been hoping to have get out.  "Uh, how do you-"

The angel bent over.  She placed a fist on one hip.  "The Vault.  You will take me to it."

Tynann crossed her arms.  She didn't care how powerful this being was.  Tynann didn't care for that.  That was rude.  She kicked herself for entertaining that thought.  

So instead of snapping at the angel, Tynann instead sputtered her words out.  "Oh."

The Ursyklon girl pointed.  "I have to inform the others first.  You understand that I can't take you to it without them knowing about it?"

"We know what the Vault of the Last is."  The Angel said.  Each word seemed to echo, as if material.  "We were sent to deal with it.  It is tainted, forever by the Not."

Tynann paused.  "Angel, you mean to destroy it?"

"We mean to deal with it.  Your order tends to it."  The angel replied.  "Take me to it and let me bring it a honorable end."

"I am blessed by the worldsoul."  Tynann whispered.  Her eyes glowed green.  "Celestial foreigner.  My people fear you not.  We keep the Vault for the day it is needed.  We refuse devils and demons.  Angels are no different for our work."

The angel tilted her head.  "You threaten one of the high."

"Um..."  Tynann tried to close her eyes.  "I'm doing my job.  You know what it is."

"Call your others, then."  The Angel sat down on a nearby barrel.  The street continued to pause and stare at her.  "We will await them.  Then we will... discuss this honorable end."

The Vault of the Last.
Some stories tell of a sealed locale under Crux.  A place as old or older than the city itself.  Sealed away.  The name always sticks in the back of the mind: the Vault of the Last.

The name itself is part of its mystery.  The Last?  Did they build it, or is the Vault the last thing to be found in the city?  Is it for some future end, or is the last of something far older?

  • The Skullmount is believed to have belonged as the skull for some long forgotten god.  If so, perhaps the Vault of the Last is the weapon that took the head from that god?
  • Not all Aboleth were contained by the Ursyklon.  The Prince must've made a deal with one or two, giving them their own place within his city of Curses.  The Vault could be a place where they wait in stasis, unwilling to give the Ursyklon the chance to stop their reawakening in centuries to come.
  • Ancient empires existed long before Crux.  Their greatest treasure must be contained there, something the Prince has used by doesn't want others to find: the key to eternal youth.
  • The iron cage of Shraxes must be located somewhere.  Why not a Vault?  What better place for it?
  • Maybe it wasn't a weapon, but instead something that could kill its own creator.  The egg or child of the long dead god-mother.  Maybe it slumbers, waiting for someone to wake to mature fully...
  • A tool so powerful it frightens Angels.  A doorway that opens onto the myriad of planes, making Crux potentially a centerpoint of gateways.  The Vault could be a vast nexus, something best left sealed so that so many planes don't melt into one another.