Sunday, October 4, 2015

City of Curses: Home Game Timeline (Oct 4th, The Keepers)

My #Crux home game is approaching about a year old.  In the real world.  I've rarely had this successfully of a game.  Despite my instincts wanting to try something new, I've decided to try and double down and focus.

For Crux's own timeline, here is what The Keepers and the events they've caused or been part of.  These are the major headlines that were in the city.  What the player characters did or did not do, that's isn't here.  This is just a brief bit of what happened in late 1783 AO, at least one version of it:

Goldrose (August)
Opera Disaster: Monsters attacked a opera on Palace Hill during a performance of the Voice and other new, upcoming members of the Church of the Singer of the Song.  Various adventurers helped to stop them from slaughtering the crowds.
The Machine: A mysterious machine is stolen from the University of Crux.  It was believed to been stolen by a gang of Tieflings from the Demon's Orphans- the Silver Serpents.  Their base of operations a day after the theft disappeared, leaving a smoking crater in the Wish Quarter.  None of the Silver Serpents survived, nor was there any sign of the Machine remaining.
Visconti Robbery: A Visconti establishment in Havershill was robbed by a group of Unsorcerous.  A dhampr gunslinger was seen vacating the scene.  No one can confirm his identity, and the Visconti start a in-depth investigation to find him.

Art Theft: The Crown of Smoke painting by Finley of Northcrown was reported stolen by Archaeology ursyklon student Ash Srady.  The Chancellor later dropped all charges.
Yokai: Professor Yokai, a Tengu Vampyre, joins the faculty of Crux University as Professor of Foreign Sciences.


Princeday Murder: Professor Ryll, Dean of Mathematics at the University of Crux, died when his Northcrown home exploded the Twinday of the Princeday festivities.
Anti-Tengu Riots: Blue Rose candies kill a dozen Tomasi human children in Havershill, sparking a riot against the Tengu.  Police, City Watch and the Eagles interceded, acting to contain the violence from spreading.
The Portal: A mysterious portal opened in Old Crux, almost releasing some ancient entity into our reality.  The Keepers (operating out of venues in both the Skullmount and Poorfellows respectively) claimed it was the Ghost of Professor Ryll.  Suspicions of the Keepers having murdered Ryll spread.  The Ghostwalkers later confirmed a massive ghost event contained by the Keepers acting in accordance with the Prince.

New Baron: Gav Zarak of Poorfellows is elevated to Baron of Poorfellows by decree of the Prince, despite claims of it being illegimate by the government of Ith and the Police Commissioner.  Zarak declined to comment.
Professor Yokai Found Dead: A scion of Visconti, Yokai, is found dead in the Blood Quarter.  The Keepers and the Blood Barons are reported to both be involved, possibly at war.
Poorfellows Chaos: Fighting in Poorfellows between wind mages destroyes the Bridge connecting
Poorfellows to Havershill; eyewitnesses reported seeing Gav Zarak and the Keepers of the Station House fight some sort of demonic, infernal machine near the Tinkerer's Workshop.
Bloodfire Explosion: A burst of sunlight in the Blood Quarter decimates the Bloodfire Tower, the headquarters of the Blood Barons.  Four of five Blood Barons are reported dead, all the vampyre clans except for the Inculti descend into internal strife.Townhall of Poorfellows: The Baron of Poorfellows establishes a council for Poorfellows, calling for a election and establishing the first democratic municipal government of the island.

That's about it.  I wrote this sort of as a lark, sort of as a source for anyone later running Crux who might want an idea of the kinds of things that had gone down in late 1783 AO.

If you don't know what Crux is, click here for more on it.