Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Center Cannot Hold: The Fae

The Fae.
The Ursyklon call them the First Totems. Humans have always known them as Faeries. The Tengu call them the Kodama.

The Fae find all three names amusing. And childish.

They believe themselves to be the eldest children of the world. We can't really comprehend them. There are a few truths we know about them, but even those aren't insights into what they are. Or what they can be.

Fae can be tiny winged tooth-eating pixies. They can be gigantic child-snatching Trolls. Dryads can almost freeze time with their beauty. Maenads can make entire cities fall into madness with their songs.
Faeries cannot Lie. This is the first thing we are certain about. They can deceive, trick and manipulate in all sorts of ways. But lying is something they are incapable of doing.

Faeries are ageless. They know they will outlive any human or ursyklon they meet. Fae will use that to achieve their aims. As ageless as they are, many Fae are addicted to youth. Be it children or time magic, something about being young draws them out like moths to the flame.

And Fae have lords. The Sidhe. They are masters and mistresses of metaphors and legends. To hear a Sidhe claim to be Count of Singing Fire, that isn't a fancy title. They are that flame, manifested. Entire parts of planes and realities are tied to what they are.

The Sidhe are demigods.

Few mortals have dealt with them and won. They are easily stirred to anger. More frightening, the Sidhe seem to only be stayed by threats from powers most lack context or communication. Angels. Ancient beings from between the stars. Demons.

Fae have their own goals. Mad goals. Ones that don't make sense. And when you begin to understand them, you begin to fray apart.