Monday, August 10, 2015

City of Curses: The Perfectors (Fate Core)

#Crux post tonight.  The Perfectors, a weird sect of Android and Human body splicers.  Recently they popped up in my campaign, figured they'd make for a quick bit of Crux for Monday's post.  

I plan to do some more this week, but this got rushed en lieu of my vacation this week.  Should do some more soon.  In the mean time, enjoy!

The Perfectors

"Flesh and iron, machine and humanity, android and organics.  We are presented with two paths by the mother, but instead believe we can forge a new one.  We can join together clockwork and viscera, to find perfection."
-On the Perfection of Form; 

The Tinkerer's followers are diverse.  Androids and many others obtain a sort of obsession in her wake, eager to boundaries.  For the sect known as the Perfectors, the Tinkerer opened a chance at new path, one between artificial and biological life.  The Perfectors combine human and android parts to find a more 'perfect form.'

They are odd, even for those who study at the Tinkerer's workshop.  Each Perfector might be human or an android.  For humans, it might mean the return of a lost limb or an enhancement beyond what they possessed before.  For Androids, human flesh is startling fascinating.  Because Android's are created with some human blood in their composition, human flesh can survive and live on their bodies with little magical adjustment.

Tactile sensation has long proven to be something Androids spend hours playing with one they experience it for the first time.  Touch, even the lightest, seems addictive to them.  Facial skin grafts aren't uncommon among Android Perfectors.  When asked on its advantages, more Perfectors become evangelical on the advantages of grafting.

Perfectors study anatomy, mechanics and how to connect android parts to human flesh.  And vice versa.  Their appearances can be disturbing to those unused to them.  The obsession to combine humans and androids means they seek non-perfectors to experiment on.  Sometimes this works out with problems; other times the Perfectors go a bit too far.  The Tinkerer has often reined them in, especially in cases of attempted kidnapping.

Being a Perfector tends to appeal to those with an addiction to surgery.  Class-wise, it appeals to most.  Alchemists and other magical classes tend to be master surgeons, learning how to remove flesh and preserve it alive long enough for transplantation.  The Perfectors have been known to hire graverobbers if they cannot find ready volunteer donors for their organic transplants.

Experimental Work
A few perfectors specialize in obscure or unique grafts and transplants.  Gargoyle wings, Gnoll intestines, Golem torsos, etc.  They tend to veer the most astray, especially Androids that graft monstrous flesh to themselves.  Hormones from a dozen sources drive their matrices insane, and these Androids drift in Crux's undercity, looking for newer monsters to find grafts.  To find new sensations to satisfy their monstrous lusts.

Perfector Faces

Raf and Half are often paired together, with each other having installed and transplanted parts for the other.  Both are found in Poorfellows, but they can also be seen at the Skullmount, despite the Tinkerer's reservations, to obtain any available corpses for their use.

An Android with a collection of human parts.  Her left arm, face and right leg are human flesh.  She wears loose clothing, dirty from work, but open enough she could show off her living components.  Raf is addicted to human sensations of touch, her living lips often touching on a bit of everything.

Raf loves to measure and study anatomy.  Very tactile, she tends to forget about minding other people's space.  Ever.
Aspect: Inappropriate Touching!

A human with a collection of android parts.  His right arm and left eye are clockwork, while bits and pieces of his body has other clockwork embedded in it.  Balding, Half's components were voluntary.  Where Raf is addicted to touch, Half is obsessed with logistics.

Half is quick to evangelize, even calling the Tinkerer, "Mother" in the same manner that Androids do.  He holds her in holy regard, almost converted to her cult like Androids might be.
Aspect: Just Like Mother Has Showed Us!