Sunday, August 30, 2015

City of Curses: Classes, The Archaeologist (Fate Core)

For my home #Crux game, I revisited my notes on how each class was founded to add some more mechanical bits for my players to use. As is my usual bad habit, I went a bit overboard I think. Here it is for anyone wanting to see me putter through #FateCore stats for a class of sorts. Any suggestions/critiques welcome, I'm fully aware I might not be doing things 100% cleanly. 

A descendant class from Rogue, Investigator and Bard, first appeared in the last decade and has emerged as a
brand new class of its own.  The first Archaeologist had been a Feyborn Ferret and Rogue, Koa Skysword.  

Originally venturing into the deeps of Crux for potential treasure, Koa had a knack for learning the history from the clues left behind by prior generations.  She balanced the greed for such relics against the knowledge to be obtained; to others of the field, she blazed a trail for them to follow.  But she always bowed to economic interests to continue her work, something that would always stain those who followed her.  Moneyed interests, from the Archwitch to the Banker always presses Archaeologists for their own ends.

Archaeologist balance the need for funds to continue their work and the importance of the knowledge they uncover.  On top of this are the more complicated pressures of the Esoterium Machina, which most times push them to seek out dangerous items.  Or confiscate them.  Others like the Ursyklon restrict access to their own sites, like Gruudl to only Ursyklon Archaeologists.

Permission: To be considered a Archaeologist, one must have a class aspect that reflects it, like Ursyklon Archaeologist, "Archaeology" Major, or Relic Hunting Scoundrel.  

Invocation For Effect (Identify): A Archaeologist Class Aspect can be invoked for effect- i.e., you can spend a fate point to invoke it to do an effect other than just a re-roll or a bonus.  If you can instantly identify the function aspects of a magical object, or you instantly identify the aspect of any ancient location.

Clever Explorer
Permission: Must be a archaeologist or some other class with knowledge of devices.
You can disable intricate and complex devices quickly, even when distracted or endangered.  Whenever you try to disable something with the Clever approach, you never risk setting it off by accident.

Psychometric Archaeology
Permission: Must be an Archaeologist; Must have the Archaeological Insight stunt.
You've learned how to peer into the past through relics.  If you handle a relic, you can use Investigate to peer into the events that surround the relic's past.  You can see how it was made, who owned it, what it was used for, and so forth.  

Archaeological Insight
Permission: Must be an Archaeologist;
Whenever you examine a site or location for clues, you always add 2 shifts on Investigate rolls you succeed on.  These can go toward uncovering more clues, or creating more boosts you can use on a locale.

Archaeology Major
You gain a +2 on any Academia rolls pertaining to Archaeology and History.

Trap Sense
When you enter an area that might have traps, you have a +2 to any Notice roll to spot them.