Thursday, August 20, 2015

City of Curses: The Beitsabdh (Fate Core)

Well.  Didn't get done what I had done, but this is a nice short piece I had prepped.  When I get a chance, I'll expand it a bit more.  This is a post at very least, of the #Crux kind.  It continues my idea that the faiths in Crux should all have facets that mirror all nine alignments.  The Beitsabdh are the Petsellers- an order of Witches devoted to Lupa that turn their victims into pets that they sell.  Of course, all proceeds go back to the Church.  Why not?

Beitsabdh: Petsellers of Lupa the Wolf-Mother

Beitsabdh often is mistranslated as petseller in Tomish.  In Ursyklo, it means "Beastwitch."  Beitsabdh enjoy catching people, cursing them and changing them into small animals.

Their order originates in a mandate to "enjoy" nature with an air of nobility.  Those who lack this intrinsic nobility, are rude or otherwise cross a Beitsabdh are often transmuted through cursecraft into an animal small enough it can be caged and sold easily.  Feyborn animals often think the Beitsabdh might be one origin of their kind, from generations of lost children and forgotten souls changed into pets.

Petsellers insist on the importance of embracing even the smallest slice of nature to their customers.  They are generous, always willing to fed stray cats a mouse or two.  They are able and willing to find any sort of animal if commissioned.  Lastly, they always move on.  Their part of the clergy follow the totem of Urnanefiomo or The Trapping One, whose favored form is that of a giant spider.  In that way, they always move, obedient to their totem's belief that all is best done while hunting.

Marquess Arachne
Witches require a patron for most of their spells and other powers.  For the Beitsabdh, they journey into closest parts of the plane of Faerie.  In the reaches closest to Crux, there are fields of webs and spiders.  A fey Marquess keeps her manor in the Thicket of Webs, Arachne.

A massive entity, Arachne often makes deals with potential Witches.  She even purchases en masse the cursed folk the Beitsabdh cannot sell.  Unlike most Fey Nobility, Arachne enjoys news of the outside world.  Crux fascinates her.  She always wants to hear more of it.

But she never dares step inside the boundaries of the city of Curses.  She is quick to admit as to why.  The Prince long ago made a compact with her and a dozen other fey whose realm touch on the city.  Each fears breaking that particular oath.

Beitsabdh Stunts

Witch's Patron.
Permission: Must be a Witch of one kind or another.
The Witch can cast major spells.  Major spells cast this way use Sorcery to create a variety of effects, some fiat, others based in actions.  Any major spell is a spell that would require a dice roll.  Casting major spells cost the Witch a fate point OR inflicts 1 shift of mental stress.

The flavors of spells a Witch can cast must be of two related flavors.  Both of these flavors come from the patron that grants the Witch their magical powers.  

Prepared Spellcasting
Permission: Must be an Arcane Spellcaster Class; Must have Arcane School or the ability to cast major spells.
You keep five spell slots.  For each spell slot, write the Aspect of the spell down.  Whenever you cast a major spell, if one of those spells match one on your prepared list, you gain one of the following based on what kind of action the spell is:

  • Create An Advantage: You gain a free invocation of the spell's aspect; if the spell creates more aspects, you gain a free invocation of each aspect that the spell created.  
  • Overcome: You gain a +2 on your Sorcery roll for the spell.
  • Discover: You gain a free invocation of any aspects discovered, or you gain 1 free detail on top of what you'd get for your roll's result.
  • Attack: Your spell inflicts 2 additional shifts of physical or mental stress, even if it ties with what it is attacking.
  • Defend: Your spell deflects 2 additional shifts of physical or mental stress, even if it ties with what it is defending against.

 If others try to counter that spell, and they've prepared the same spell on their one of their own spell slots, they gain a free hostile invocation of that spell's aspect to counter it (you gain a fate point if others try to counter it).

Baleful Polymorph
Permission: Must have the Witch's Patron stunt; Must be a Beitsabdh
You can cast a major spell to curse another into a small animal.  After you spend a fate point, you must make a Forceful Sorcery roll against their Quick Physique roll.  If you succeed, the target is transmuted into a small animal.  Write this down as an Aspect, it replaces their Culture aspect.

You can spend a fate point to end the Baleful Polymorph at anytime.  Another can attempt to counter it, but it costs a fate point to do so.

Face: Sample Beitsabdh
Dunkan Hogan Frogeater.
A old Ursyklon, Dunkan's dark green robes look like they've seen better days.  He carries dozens of cages with him.  Each cage has a different small, furry animal.  Each meticulously clean.  Despite a kink in his back, the old ursyklon always has a smile on his face.  One of his eyes is red, the other blue.

Always with him is the dark, purple spider Omara.  The size of a cat, Omara rides along on Dunkan's cart.  Intelligent enough to help Dunkan, the spider tends to various cages.  Dunkan always refers to her as "my pretty darling."  Omara seems to love that epithet.

Dunkan travels every day from the Wolf Quarter, through the Grand Bazaar to Palace Hill.  He stops at any gathering human children he sees.  Despite them being his height or taller, Dunkan favors unsorcerous children.  He lets them poke and pet any of his small pet wares.  Often most of his cages are empty by the time he returns home at night.

By the next morning, Dunkan's cages are all refilled.  Whenever Dunkan runs into a trouble child, the next day child cannot be found.  Even when he's been robbed or threatened on the street, would-be thieves will suddenly stop, return the stolen item, and then walk with Dunkan all the way back to the Wolf Quarter at the end of the day.

The cheerful Dunkan always has full cages of small pets to sell the next day.  "Don't mine me back.  Joy in givin' nature to the kids, you see.  Everyone needs a bit more of the Wolf-Mother in them, don't you say?"

Aspect: Withered Old Petseller; Loves Them Kids; Always Has Full Cages The Next Day