Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Random Musing: Project Hecate

A bonus blog post.  Normally I just update things on Monday-Wednesday-Friday, but I found a piece of art that inspired me to write this up.  Enjoy the bonus post!

I was born to fight a war.  Humanity had grown desperate in those days.  Even some of us had joined
the enemy.  Maybe we deserved it.
Here is a link to the artist

I had been born to fight war, me and all my siblings.  We were- we are Project Hecate.  When I had reached my first cycle of consciousness, my Mother explained to me why we were frightening.  What about us scared the rest of humanity.  Why we were the desperate last hope of our people.

We violated the three Great Laws.  Humanity had long decided to never embrace three technologies.  For centuries never did they do anything to allow them to come to fruition.  Cloning.  Artificial Intelligence.  Genetic Design.  

The enemy is different than anything humans had witnessed before.  My mother told me of ants and bees.  Of colonies of tiny insects.  The Enemy is like that.  Colonies of intelligent beings- each worker the size of a human being.  Their soldiers though, were beasts too massive, too alien for humans to combat.

They came in such numbers humans couldn't match them.  Tiny compared to their immense size.  My mother and her kind watched cities fall across colony worlds.  Worse, other humans surrendered to the Enemy, joining their hives.  Domesticated by the enemy into something else.

The enemy sought the extinction of humanity.  So Project Hecate came to be.  My siblings and I.  We are Project Hecate.  We are something new.

The darkest black science used to save our people from extinction.  Yet we aren't humans.  Yet we are.

I look like my Mother, but I stand nearly forty feet tall.  My flesh isn't just flesh.  Nanofibers and neoalloys make up my bones.  Most of my body is metal plate.  But organic parts live underneath.  All designed to survive so many different environments.

Mother told me it took them ten years to grow us, the first generation.  They cloned their own DNA, combining it with forbidden techniques to genetically design our bodies.  I... I think.  I understand my mother and my aunts, despite how tiny they are.  There are so few of them.

And we are so much bigger than they are.

They keep us suspended in massive tunnels, where we walk in water or through areas of super-light gravity.  Tiny little white coated people watch us from their glass areas.  Always scared, frightened of us.

I was born to fight a war.  

We will be deployed tomorrow.  Mother told me of the wasteland they will take us to.  A plain of irradiated steel and glass, once a great human city.  My mother called it Boise.

I should be scared, but all I feel is... curious.  I want to see this Boise.  I wonder some days if maybe we are what humans are supposed to become.  Something new.  Something the Enemy can never stop.