Monday, June 1, 2015

City of Curses: Wondersmiths (Fate Core)

Continuing writeups on some societies within the City of Curses. In this case, the Wondersmiths, as a adjunct to the Tinkerer.  Not as long as the Wolf's Circle, but it still continues some worldbuilding thoughts I'd had.  I might even attempt some Flash Fiction this week too, as that might be interesting, especially to explore Wondersmiths or other recent material for Crux I've been doing lately.

The Wondersmiths of the Tinkerer's Workshop
For the Tinkerer, leaving the University had to be one of the worse things she had ever done. She
swore to never create anything again that could be twisted or altered to serve violent or wrongful purposes. To combat the University's influence, to change the Esoterium Machina back to something it used to be, she created the Academy of Wondersmiths.

The only requirement to join the Wondersmiths is to pass a test administered by the Tinkerer herself: impress her with your work. If one passes, the new student is given unfettered access to the Workshop and its resources. The Tinkerer allows any species or class to join her wondersmiths. All who've joined are those who've impressed her.  She interviews the potential Wondersmith in order to help them decide their requirements and necessary materials for their work.

The Wondersmiths come from all Classes, including even Fighter or Barbarian classes.  Wondrous devices, artifice of all kinds and other things matter more than whatever metaphysical ties to Class or Feat Wondersmiths are bound to.  The Tinkerer provides them with whatever they require to conduct their work.  Her wealth from various inventions all are used to keep her workshop supplied and to help the Wondersmiths with their work.

Wondersmiths work to create inventions and innovations.  The Tinkerer aids and teaches.  She forbids the creation of weapons or anything that cause harm.  They work on wonders, advancing ideas first preserved or discovered by Church of the Machine.  Inventions like the chemical reactions that created photographic cameras, are wonders produced by the Wondersmiths.  Their aim is always to create something new, daring, something not seen before.

Wondersmiths often travel and do commission work for factory owners and industrialists in Crux.  A few have even left Crux to found their own workshops in other Ithic cities.   Some even achieve status in the Esoterium Machina, despite their avowed distance from the University of Crux or the Chancellor himself.

Fallen Wondersmiths
There have been more than a few Wondersmiths who've fallen out of grace.  The Tinkerer banned them from her shop.  The reasons are varied.  But the most common reason has been one thing: weapon work.  Most Wondersmiths leave her service for accepting or attempting work on firearms of all kinds.  A rare few she has shunned completely, and the reason never becomes apparent.

Possible Aspects: To Work Wonders; Student of the Tinkerer's Workshop; 
Wondersmith Stunt
Workshop Resources: So long as you are acquiring tools or materials at the Workshop itself, you can roll Crafts instead of Wealth for acquiring them.  Sometimes this can also be applied for other materials, so long as they are something the Workshop can acquire.