Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Center Cannot Hold: the Puca (Fate Core)

Here's a bit of a bestiary entry for Crux.  This is my own version of the Puca, a Welsh/Irish/English faery.  The goal was to create black-furred sadists.  They worked out well in a recent session of the Crux game I've been running at home (the Keepers of Crux).  They didn't put up too tough of a fight, but their creepiness really made a splash in the game.

The Puca
These fey are the size of Ferrets, and they specialize in crawling through extradimensional spaces.
 They are akin to gremlins and other such fey fauna.  In the case of the Puca, they also are irreverent shapeshifters, capable of shifting from one to a dozen of different animal forms.  They have a preference for rabbit, goat or horse forms.  Almost always, their forms are black-furred, with antlers that look like twigs.

Normally they worship and obey the lordship of the Fey Lord known only as the Stranger, but others stuck between realities can garner them as servants too.  They are easily controlled through magic, although they are amenable to working as unseen servants as long as they are provided with servings of milk.

The Puca once shared a world with the Fomori.  They invited the Ursyklon to take the world after the Fomori had started to worship the dark Void between stars.  After that, they came to dwell almost primarily in the Spaces Between.  The Puca have found the Spaces Between more dangerous in the last centuries.  Things are stirring in the dark, things that scare the black-furred fey.

Puca have an addiction to causing pain, a sort of taste for Sadism that can drive them to torture those they come across.  They don't always act on it, as milk often keeps their more sadistic or tricksy instincts in check.

Aspects Tiny Shapeshifter; Crawl In the Strange Places; Dark Fur, Dark Ways; Madcap Fey Thug; Cowardly Yet Bullying Lot;
Approaches Quick Average (+1), Forceful Fair (+2), Sneaky Average (+1)
Skills Puca Good (+3), Brawl Fair (+2), Stealth Average (+1), Knowledge Average (+1)
Puca Stunts
Crawl Between Spaces: Puca can crawl between the spaces between worlds.  They treat different planes and realities as different zones for purposes of movement.
Shapeshifting: Puca can change forms into any animal, not just the normal ones associated with them.  It costs them a Fate point.  When they change forms, they gain an aspect reflective of that animal in addition to their other aspects.
Sadism: Puca gain a +2 bonus to any roll that inflicts pain on another.  This just makes them giddy.
Midnight Fur: Puca gain a +2 bonus on Sneaky rolls made in the shadows.
Skill: Puca
The Puca Skill is for managing the shapeshifting abilities of the Puca.  It also covers their crawling through realities and self-control in regards to milk and sadism.