Friday, May 29, 2015

City of Curses: The Wolf's Circle (Fate Core)

I've started to realize some things in my campaign in Crux lately.  And I've forgotten to mention some societies or organizations within the city that have bearing in my campaign.  Here's one of them.  Like the Destreza or others, this is one of those groups that sort of fall under the purview of an icon, in this case, the Wolf's Circle is a part of the Archdruid's purview: healing the city and keep its wild parts natural, and remaining vigilant about the more Abolethic elements out there.

The Wolf's Circle
The ways and means of the druids of Crux perhaps, seems the most illogical.  They live within a urban sprawl, one of the largest metropoli known to the world.  It would seem that to find any Druids in the steam and smoke of Crux would be odd.  Or individual.

But the Archdruid herself dwells in the City of Curses.  The many feyborn animal villages scattered throughout the city also point to the heightened numbers of Druids within the city's borders.  To most, this isn't a concern.  Nor does it seem like a secret worth fretting over.

Like many of the City's secret societies, lodges and orders, this one hides in plain sight.

The Circle Must Be Unbroken
The Wolf's Circle is a group of druids and other like minded folk from a number of different vocations, species and other backgrounds.  Their name comes from the Wolf-Mother Lupa herself; theirs is the circle of leylines Crux lies upon.  And there are a lot of them in the city of curses.

That is why the Ursyklon landed one of their living starships first here during their invasion.  Crux sits near or on so many natural ley lines, druids from all over the Maru Sea rely on someone to keep the lines clean of corruption or worse.  The Wolf's Circle keeps vigil over a circle of leylines of the same name.

This Order, although the Archdruid is part of it, tends to the natural parts of Crux.  They tend to the smallest of animal or the weakest of plant.  In secret they tend to the leylines, keeping them from failing.  From growing fallow.

Although most of their membership is drawn from Druids, they have long since branched out to a variety of others.  All are individuals with some strong tie to the City of Curses.  They train and meet with other members of the Circle.  They always keep an eye out for trouble.  But rarely do they have to turn to violent means.

Most often, a ley line only needs pruning.  Events of joy or events of remembrance, to reset their paths.  When violence is required, often the Circle asks the Archdruid for her aid.  Even then, the potential harm is mourned when it has to be used.

The ley lines crisscross all over Crux, including in its vast undercity of catacombs, from the living starship graveyard of Gruudl to the Blood Quarter.  These ley lines also empower the Wolf's Circle.  They can channel the natural forces undercurrent in Crux.  Sometimes this can change the wielder, making their flesh become more tied to nature.  Other times, they gain uncanny abilities, like the ability to shift form like Druids or communicate with all manner of animal or plant.

The Wolf's Circle most paranoid fears are of the Aboleth.  Something is stirring in the night, betwixt the stars.  Something ancient, something the ley lines can feel coming.  The Circle are the city's sentient minds, and they feel the push to help the city cope.  To prepare.

To ask to join the Wolf's Circle is to undergo a series of ancient druidic rites.  After being stripped of all clothes, the potential candidate's body is shifted in five forms.  Each of these guide the candidate and test them if they can hear the city's will or not.  If they can prove they can hear the city, then they are returned back to their original form.  If they fail, they are trapped in that animal or plant form for the rest of their existence.

Aspect(s): It Binds All Things; "The Circle Must Be Unbroken"; We Are the Land;
Wolf's Circle Stunts:
Language of the City: If presented with someone with whom you do not know their language or tongue, you can spend a fate point to learn their language instantly and fluently.  This can be used with animals, plants, even rocks or water.  However, it does distinguish different species with different sorts of language.
Greensight: If you are near a tree, you can see through it or any other tree in the City of Crux.  Of course, not everywhere has trees.  But still, you can at least see into most places.
City Shaman: So long as you meditate for an hour near one of Crux's prominent ley lines, the city speaks to you.  Its dreams are hard for you to truly realize, monstrous and incomprehensible.  But you do receive visions, ideas of its worries.  Look hard enough, and you can find answers to questions, or more questions.