Thursday, May 7, 2015

City of Curses: Walridr or Dream-Vampires (Fate Core)

The Walridr or Dream-Vampires

"White butterflies flutter even in the briefest of dreams."

Aspect: White Butterfly Dreams
Invoke When: Manipulating the dreams of others or recounting a memorable story or song
Compel When: Presented with a chance to hear a entertaining story or song

The Walridr are migrant vampires, their clan coming from the northern parts of Ainesia to Crux more than a century ago.  They lack magickal power over a physical element.  Instead, the Walridr are known for their psychic talents, especially with dreams.

The Knight Walridr enjoyed his own fair share of song and tales during his life.  A wandering antipaladin, his sadistic tastes carried over onto those unfortunate enough to entertain him.  Singers would drown in their own blood, hearing his laughter last in their ears.

Walridr rode across the breadth of Jarn and Ainesia.  He left countless bodies, his horde of cutthroats and warriors staining those unfortunate to play host to them.  But then one dark night, Walridr came across a strange new sight: a dark circus, who Sabizi performers song different songs, and darker tales.

That night Walridr spent an hour alone with a dark woman.  She had no eyes and stank of cinnamon.  The dark circus played while the antipaladin's mind learned to hunger for something more.  She whispered the secret curse of the spheres into his mind, staining him with a unsatiable curiousity.  A need he could never satisfy.  No longer able to dream, he became obsessed with finding a way to dream again.

Walridr Extras
Dream-Vampire: This stunt costs 2 Fate refresh, but grants the Walridr the ability to cast major spells so long as they fall within the flavors of Butterflies, Dreams and Song.  In addition, the Walridr gains access to the skill Walridr, which they can use in place of Sorcery to cast spells, any sort of knowledge on stories or dreams, and in place of Will for avoiding psychic attacks.
Drawback: Dream-Vampires always love to hear a good story, and as such, like anything that resembles one.  Walridr take a -2 when opposing anyone using the Flashy approach.