Monday, April 27, 2015

The Center Cannot Hold: The Rosefolk

The Humans of the Rosac Tribe settled the lands of Othebea first, long before Othebes had founded
the Church of the Twins.  They lived in bondage, enslaved by the many monstrous races of their lands: dragons, medusa, lamia and the fey.  Rosac families long had been indebted to various monstrous lords or ladies of one kind or another.  For the Rosefolk, this never would have changed if not for one critical moment.

The Rosac embraced the Ursyklon conquerors.  Upon freeing them from the debts the fey and monsters had kept them under, the Ursyklon took on the role of Princes and Princesses of the Rosefolk.  Millennia would pass, and the Ursyklon clans in the Othebean lands would come to blows over and over.  Constant warfare became a defining aspect of the lives of the Rosefolk, until the establishment of the Church of the Twins two thousand years ago.

A curious artifact from their history is that Rosefolk nobility has always remained a fluid matter.  The monarchy has often uplifted commoners to noble titles, a practice that has long kept both the low and high classes a blurred, unlike in Ainesia.  Theirs is a tradition of meritocracy, despite their own strong religious inclinations.  Rosac in Ith and other nations share this same preference to rewarding ability, not just the rights of birth.

Rosac Naming Conventions
Rosac surnames were derived from occupations- Kyringer, for instance is taken from the Othish word for kyringe, or "to make keys," meaning the Kyringers made keys or were called that at one point.  Nobility, on the other hand, distinguish themselves with the use of a "vyn" added to their surname, which was derived from a locale, not a occupation.  This serves as the major distinguishing difference between nobility and commoners, where their surnames come to be derived from.

As for first names, it isn't uncommon for Rosac to adopt Tomasi, Sabizi or even Jarnish first names in addition to the ones listed here.

Male Names: Danyel, Foxgang, Garcus, Lyam, Saul, Alfryd, Tanley, Roward, Zenry, Zarin
Female Names: Aza, Angela, Irsula, Myrta, Jertru, Frieda, Elsa, Kusayne, Zarin, Ingryd
Commoner Surnames: Adlyr, Fyshir, Kyringer, Masun, Nillyr, Schmyt, Stywark, Wryght, Walkyr, Jagnyr
Noble Surnames: vyn Ayser, vyn Guidthorn, vyn Langthorn, vyn Goldrose, vyn Othbyrg, vyn Newrose, vyn Zohm, vyn Twinrose, vyn Swordborn, vyn Affyr

Rosefolk Hair, Fashion and Style
Most Rosefolk have frizzy hair, often favoring red or dark brown.    Unlike most other Human Tribes, Rosefolk women tend to be taller than their male counterparts.  With coffee-dark skin, Rosefolk also tend to have green or blue eyes.

In their clothing, Rosac tradition calls for strong earth tones.  Most Rosefolk spurn jewelry of any kind, save for a single ring.  Often such a ring is clay or made of some sort of stone.  These rings often are wedding bands.  To the Rosefolk, marriage is more important than anything else.  To break that vow is one of the gravest sins Rosefolk can think of.

There are younger Rosefolk who tend to embrace more deviant styles.  Some adopt the Ursyklon tradition of facial tattoos, while others adorn themselves openly with jewelry that traditional Rosefolk will frown upon.

Traditional Rosefolk views clash on the matter of treatment of husbands as well.  Foreign styles of clothing clash with the old Rosac view of men as housekeepers and protectors of the home.  The veil had been abolished in Othebea and Ith nearly three hundred years ago, but there are Rosefolk families that still maintain the practice- men cover themselves unless they are sinning in part of prostitution or other occupations.  Seen by foreigners and Rosac nobility as cruel and barbaric, those who maintain the practice in the backwoods of Othebea see only outsiders who want to break their traditions.

Lastly, the Rosac have a long bloodly history with monsters.  The many different monsters that once enslaved them have long been driven from their lands.  But some live on.

The Rosefolk fear the return of the most powerful of them.  Their folk stories are of the Fey lords and ladies who once kept them as pets; the Dragons who hunted them like a cat might hunt a mouse or the Lamia who made them part of backbreaking slave gangs building ziggurats.  None of these are likely to happen soon.

But it is true.  There are some very old things in the world that remember the Rosefolk.  And they await the chance to rebuild their once lost kingdoms...