Friday, April 24, 2015

The Center Cannot Hold: The Nagaorochi or Serpent-People

Many races crossed paths and arrived upon Orphos, not only the Ursyklon.  Known by many
different names, the nagaorochi came to Orphos over a hundred thousand years ago.  According to the Sabizi, their own dark god punished them and cast a continent under the sea.

To those of the Sundered Star, the Serpent-People's civilization have always provided valuable research for them.  Their alchemy and black science came from the spaces between the stars.  Machines they left behind could cause teleportation or other amazing effects.

What is known is that the Nagaorochi were of two separate camps prior to their fall.  One remained loyal to their ancient gods, while others had been swayed and begun to follow the ways of something new.  This new cult promised freedom from the lies of thought and form.  A freedom from the light, born of darkness where no laws could limit them.  Both sects left texts behind, but notably knowledge about the old gods of the nagaorochi are harder to find.  The newer cult's texts provide the dominant insights into their culture.

From these sects the Sundered Star have uncovered books like The Great Lie and The Nameless. But these occultic texts are not the only appearance of the serpentfolk.  Dozens of folk stories have been recorded about them, although none were collaborated or confirmed.

In these folk stories, the Serpent People possess the power to take human form.  That their civilization never fell, that instead they infiltrate and try to take over where they can.  Most of these come villages or people who were witness to major cataclysms.  There is a possibility of them inventing scapegoats for the sake of pushing away blame.

And of course, the unconfirmed threat still remains.  The Nagaorochi could still remain.  Those associated with the Sundered Star refuse to say if they have.  But the Sundered Star teaches that in darkness is Truth, that the mind must break to find it, and finding the Truth will set you free.  Perhaps madness like believing secret serpent people are among us is one of those truths that they seek out so much.