Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Center Cannot Hold: The Inculti

"There is more to our existence than mere exploitation for blood."

Aspect: Justice Burns Hotter Than Fire
Invoke When: Using fire magic or when enacting justice against criminals
Compel When: witnessing injustice or saving those in danger

The Inculti demand a lot of their own.  Unlike other vampires, they do not fear the sun or fire.  The
Inculti are masters of fire magic, much like the Patrizo control water or the Visconti master earth magic.

 The Inculti preference for civic duty and focus on helping the city over their own self-interests also marks them different from other Vampires.  It beggars one to wonder how or why they were "cursed" to begin with.

The Wizardess Inculti was born in Crux long before the Tomasi Empire arose.  Born into a prominent family, she spent most of her life living off her father's wealth and name.  Some tales call her a hedonist; the Inculti claim instead she was the daughter of the Prince himself.  Whatever the origin, the story is certain that Inculti lived a life of sin in Crux.

One day, the drunken Inculti came upon a her father.  Ashamed of his child, he lashed out at her in frustration.  His words (some claim his fists, but again, this varies from version to version) carried a frightening price, though.  He had taken in a Priestess of Shraxes as his guest that night.

The Priest mistook Incult's Father.  Believing him to be a foul man and not seeing his frustration as
anything less than cruelty, she levied a curse upon him.  Inculti's father became a monster, his flesh
cursed like that of a beast.

When Inculti came to her senses, the realization of the price paid for her own sins beared down on her.  After pleading with the Priestess of Shraxes thrice, she offered the Priestess a deal.

"My father doesn't deserve this.  He- I am the one at fault here.  Please- please take away the curse!"

The Priestess could not.  A curse is a curse.  Her father would forever be stained as a beast.  But the
Priestess, sensing the dark desperation of Inculti made her an offer.  She couldn't lift the curse, but would gladly move it.

Inculti agreed, not knowing that she'd spend the rest of her existence in conflict with the Church of Shraxes.  She became the first of the fire-vampires, by choice for her own failures.  Dedicated to redemption and trying to make the world a better place, Inculti and those vampires she spawned refused to serve the priests and priestesses of Shraxes.

Instead, they always would speak of the Prince.  To them, they are guided by the Prince's will.  They always are dedicated to helping the community of Crux, while still trying to constrain their own curse.  It makes their eyes burn, causing them to glow a bright white even in the coldest night.

Inculti Stunt
Fire-Vampire: This stunt costs 2 Fate refresh, but grants the Inculti the ability to cast major spells so long as they fall within the flavors of Fire, Justice and Sacrifice.  In addition, the Inculti gains access to the skill Inculti, which they can use in place of Sorcery to cast spells, to sense lies told to them, and in place of Athletics for dodging acts so long as the Inculti is in sunlight.
Drawback: Fire-Vampires always act to help others, regardless of the risk.  Inculti take a -2 on using the Careful approach.